Healthy Breakfast Food for “Not Breakfast” People

Are you the type of person who hates mornings, or hates eating right after you wake up? Chances are if this is you, you might not be starting your day right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it starts your day off with energy after a whole night of not eating (fasting).


If bacon or coffee with doughnuts is not your thing, there are definitely healthier options that you will look forward to eating in the morning. Don’t worry I am not going to suggest oats, although if that is something you like more power to you!


Option 1: Fruits

Fruits are just the quick fix your sweet tooth might be craving in the morning. Not to mention they are healthy and super versatile, such that you can pair them up with literally anything. That is to say, your choices ARE NOT limited to a boring bowl of fruits. You could make a smoothie with some greek yogurt. Or add some cut-up strawberries to a bowl of greek yogurt with honey granolas. Another option is to make an Acai bowl, or to eat your fruits, yes in a bowl, but with chia seeds. Some nicely chilled fruits are an amazing way to wake you up in the mornings. They will leave you feeling light and prepared to start your day. 

Acai bowls with flowers Photo by Vicky Ng from Unsplash  

Option 2: Seeds

These are an extremely underrated breakfast food source. Seeds contain so many essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Whatsmore, very much like fruits they go with a lot of things. You could add them to your fruits with some yogurt as I mentioned above, but you can also add them to your smoothies or juice. Your options again are spread long and wide. You can consume flax, sunflower, pumpkin, chia seeds, etc. These seeds will help you maintain healthy immunity and lower the bad cholesterol in your body. 


Option 3: Eggs

A common choice, but a common choice for a reason. Honestly, to keep this the healthiest you don’t even need bread, sausages, bacon, or potatoes to complement this. Just some plain scrambled eggs or a good sunny-side-up will fill you up with protein first thing in the morning. Maybe make an omelet with all your favorite vegetables. 

A man holding two plates of food; there is egg, a salad of some kind, and what looks to be potato and bacon. Photo by Ready Made from Pexels

Option 4: Coffee or Tea

Now coffee isn’t a meal. But… it is a good way to start your day. Combine this with some fruit or a whole grain bread toast for your complete meal. Coffee has been proven to wake you up in the morning and give you just the right amount of energy to get your day to the perfect start. If you can cut on the milk, creamer or sugar you add to your morning fix, all the better. And if coffee isn’t your thing, you always have tea. Some light, flavored tea is so good for your body and might be just the calming you need before you start your day. 

french press coffee on table Photo by Kris Atomic from Unsplash

It can definitely be difficult to eat something first thing in the morning, but it will make your day so much better. Not to mention it is a healthier option than starving yourself till lunch and then binge eating right before dinner. Feel free to experiment with your healthy food options. The key take-away is to ensure your food isn’t too heavy and that it has all the right nutrients.