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Finals week is never anyone’s ideal time of year, but usually, you can at least get together with friends and complain about it together. Though your nights this semester may not be spent studying until 2 a.m. at the Undergraduate Library, you can still nail these tests! Here are some tips for a successful test-taking season from the comfort of your own home.

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Dedicate a Space to Work

Working from bed can be tempting, but so can closing your eyes after spending time meant reviewing your notes on Tiktok instead. Spending time studying in a place you rest can confuse your brain and leave you feeling unmotivated and sluggish because it associates that space with winding down. Try to find a place in your home if you're able to that has a chair and elevated surface where you can work. Sitting upright can increase attentiveness and help you fight off a mid-day doze off, putting you in the perfect test-taking attitude.

Take Time to Rest

By having a dedicated workspace like mentioned above, you can also have a dedicated rest spot. For me, this is often my room. I go there to unwind and take necessary breaks because there're a difference between “work mode” and “relaxation mode.” When studying, make sure to dedicate certain parts of the day to just relax and perform some version of self-care. Mental health matters, especially at the height of exam season, so practice self-love with a bubble bath or your favorite binge-worthy show.

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Get Ready for the Day

As cozy as staying in your pajamas can be, try to start your morning by getting ready for the day. Simply washing your face and putting on a fresh change of clothes can coax your mind out of leisure time and prepare it for productivity. Pull out your favorite loungewear and keep to a morning and night routine as you work from home.

Get Outside

Working from home can make you feel cooped up and restless. When you're in need of a change of scenery, throw on your jacket and go outside. This could be a quick jog, mid-day walk or even an afternoon cruise through your favorite part of town. Though it's getting chillier, the cold air can help wake you up and allow you to go back with fresh air and a new state of mind.

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Set the Scene

Walking into your testing room during finals can be nerve-wracking. Luckily this year you can set the scene yourself in the privacy of your own home or local library (mask on of course). Select a spot where you can work in silence without distractions or the feeling of being rushed. While it may not be ideal, at least you will not have a nervous toe-tapper or a student constantly sniffling their nose right next to you!

Like everything, finals look different this year. Remember that being a student during this time is increasingly difficult and you should be proud of yourself regardless. Prepare for your finals properly, treat yourself to your favorite takeout and try to cut yourself some slack. Good luck on finals!

Christine Sheriff is a Senior majoring in Communications. In her free time you can find Christine baking, curating the perfect Spotify playlist, or trying to learn how to paint.
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