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Get the Perfect Spring Look! Spring Beauty Essentials 2018

Spring and warm weather is right around the corner. Can you believe it?

The official day of spring is March 20th ladies! So grab that new makeup bag with beauty essentials and enjoy your first day of spring. Treat yourself to a new line of spring essential beauty products and you’ll never be disappointed! Below are few beauty products I think everyone should use when transitioning into everyone’s favorite season of the year. Focusing on your skin during this time of the year is very important so I’ll some favorite skin care & beauty product to get clear, glowing skin!

Before bed, always make sure to remove your makeup ladies! Not just with a makeup wipe, but cleanse your skin with a lightweight facial cleanser. I know ladies when you come home from a long night out with your friends, you may just use your Neutrogena wipes. Your skin is important! Take a further step by not only using your makeup wipes but adding a face wash routine before bed.

Try out Mario Badescu’s top of line products, that will leave your face feeling smooth and clear like never before. One of my favorite products is the Enzyme cleansing gel. This best – selling gel removes makeup and leaves your skin clean and refreshed. My second favorite product is the ‘facial rose water’. This lovely fragrance of rose water, leaves your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Besides a girl’s flawless skin, we have to look cute from head to toe! I’m talking about spring manicure and pedicure ladies! Looking for a new color to rock in the springtime? Head on over to OPI website and check out their new “Lisbon Collection: Infinite Shine” collection. Colors vary from warm to cool shades, that’ll leave you in awe.

From a music artist to a beauty guru. Rihanna new line “Fenty Beauty” is the latest trend since 2017 entering into 2018. Rihanna’s makeup line released 36 shades of foundation. That’s right, 36 shades! No one is left out her cosmetic line. This is color for each and every skin type.


Need help finding the right products for a skin care routine? Don’t worry, YouTube is the answer to your worries. When it comes to lifestyle and beauty you’ll be surprised how many tips you’ll receive in minutes by just subscribing to a beauty influencer YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to show off that vibrant and glowy skin with my favorite beauty products during the springtime. You won’t regret it! I hope these beauty essentials and tips were helpful and I look forward to sharing my Summer Beauty Essentials featuring tips and more. Happy Spring!

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi


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