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Five tips to a successful semester!

Welcome back, class is in session! Spring semester has officially started and here are the top 5 ways to have a successful semester. Follow these rules you’ll have an easy, breezy semester   

  1. Exchange numbers with classmates – That’s right! Connect with classmates in that new class of yours by exchanging numbers and creating a  group me chat for a study date on that upcoming exam.
  2. Organize – Start off right by being organized, it is a lifesaver. Buy a planner and begin to plan out your weekly and monthly agenda. Do not just memorize, organize!


3. Visit Office Hours – Do not wait the last minute before the semester runs out! Get to know your professor and t.a. 

4. Library – Have a big exam or project coming up? Visit your campus library and reserve a room for your group to

5. Relax – Inhale. Exhale. Take a break and head on over to the gym or whatever you do to relieve stress from those long hours of homework and studying.

Good luck to each and every one of you all this semester!


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