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Studying for finals is always difficult, but doing it while in quarantine has been even harder than a lot of us thought. Especially since it’s starting to get nice out and it can be hard to feel motivated to study. Just remember school is almost over and we just need to push through finals. Here are some quarantine study tips to get you through finals week.  

1. Find A Quiet Space

This is extremely important and sometimes with family members or roommates, it can be hard to find space. Work outside, in an office, a spare bedroom or any space you can be alone in. This way you can have a quiet space to really focus.

2. Make A Schedule

Make a daily schedule of what you need to accomplish throughout the day. That way, you know exactly what you need to do and can decrease your time staring at a computer screen. Include the different exams you need to study for and the final projects and papers you need to work on. Even include the little study breaks to get a healthy snack. This way you do not miss anything you need to get done.



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3. Get Into A Routine

Make sure you have a daily routine. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a schedule, but some basic things you do each day: A meal routine, work/school routine, work out and self-care and don’t forget to set aside time to socialize with friends and family. This will help you with productivity and overall positivity. It will also make the days more structured.

4. Put Your Phone Down

It’s hard to fully pay attention when you’re constantly checking Twitter or responding to group chats. Make sure to set your phone down when trying to get work done so you can give it your full attention. This way you will retain more and be done sooner.

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5. Stay Positive

You need to remind yourself how hard this transition has been. It’s not easy for anyone especially with financial, mental and physical health concerns. Remind yourself you’re doing all you can during this time and that things will get better. Push yourself and don’t give up!

6. Don’t Forget To Sleep

It’s easy to stay up watching the new season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, however, it’s important to maintain a good sleep schedule for final exam studying. This will allow you to be healthy, productive, and maybe drink less coffee. Sleep is important for our health and school abilities.

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Remember to stay calm and try your best. Finals have never been done in our homes so use these tips to make sure you can perform to the best of your ability for finals this year. Just a little more time left in the semester, so good luck!

Hi everyone! My name is Juliette Galassini, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Illinois studying advertising and public relations. I love spending time with my family & friends, shopping and traveling.
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