Fall Fashion Essentials

It’s October, which means sweater weather is officially here! Fall entails everything from pumpkin spice lattes to barn dances to Halloween movie nights, and I’m ready for it all. What I’m most excited for, of course, is fall fashion. There’s no better time of year for layering, and this is the perfect way to show off all your favorite clothes you’ve been hiding away in your closet all summer. It also gives us an excuse to go shopping for some new pieces, and I'm here to tell you what basics you’ll need for this season!

1. Dark Jeans

Jeans are an essential for any time of year, but dark jeans in particular can be used to dress any outfit up or down. A good pair of dark wash jeans will match almost any outfit, and they’ll look super cute in pictures at an apple orchard! I recommend a pair of high-waisted jeans because they’re more flattering and can be worn with more tops, like any cropped sweaters you might have. Some styles that are popular right now are distressed jeans or a looser fit like mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.

2. Sneakers

A pair of sneakers can be worn year-round with virtually any outfit you can imagine, and they’re great for walking to class. There are so many options to choose from, but be sure to pick a pair that matches your style and will go well with most of your everyday outfits. Classic white or black sneakers, such as a pair of Adidas or Vans, will complete any look.

3. Comfy Sweaters

There’s nothing that sums up fall better than a cozy sweater. Sweaters are my go-to when the weather gets cooler because not only do they keep you really warm when the temperatures start dropping, but they also make any outfit look more put together. Having a few neutral-colored sweaters will come in handy for those days when you roll out of bed and have no idea what to wear. My point is, you’ll get a lot of use out of sweaters, so stock up.

4. Scarves

When I think of fall fashion, a staple that automatically comes to mind is a scarf. Scarves make the perfect accessory for any outfit that’s looking really plain and boring, and my personal favorite for the fall time are plaid scarves. Their added benefit of extra warmth shouldn’t be overlooked either!

5. Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is such a necessary part of my fall wardrobe because it can be worn in countless different ways. It’s a perfect jacket for layering because you can wear a sweater underneath and even throw on a scarf if it’s extra chilly, and your outfit will still look trendy.


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