Cute and Easy Couples Costumes

1. A Couple from TV/Movies

One TV show that always has good costumes come from it is "The Office". There are a lot of iconic couples from “The Office”; however, two that I think are the most memorable are Jim and Pam (obviously) and Dwight and Angela. If you and your bae want to pull this off, all you need is some office clothes. For Angela, she always wears a turtleneck and a skirt with tights. Dwight has his iconic mustard yellow shirt and glasses. If you’re looking for outfit ideas, check out some popular scenes, as people will most likely recognize the outfit! Also, since they are working in the office majority of the show, any person with professional clothes should be able to pull it off! Some other costumes that are my favorites are: Bob and Linda from "Bob's Burgers", Edward and Bella from "Twilight", and Eleven and Mike from "Stranger Things"!

2. Famous Food Duos

This could be a lot of things like peanut butter and jelly or mustard and ketchup. For these costumes, you could just get a colored shirt and create details to add to the shirt. You could either cut out paper designs and glue them with fabric glue, or use fabric markers to add details.

3. A Play on Words of Popular Items or Sayings

This one can be harder to come up with, but if you and your partner are creative, they can be some of the best costumes! For example, one person can be ice, and the other wears a Netflix shirt. Together, you are both "Netflix & Chill". Try thinking of jokes or memes you've seen on social media that could be made into a costume. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for this! Check out the suggestions on there - a lot of the costumes you could make at home, or would only need to buy one or two items. 


Just remember, for Halloween you don't have to be a person or a character. You can be an idea or a saying too! No matter what you dress up for this Halloween, it is important that you try not to be insensitive to anyone's culture, race, or language. Someone's reality shouldn't be joked about or laughed at!


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