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As we hope to head back to school in August, the thought of leaving our quarantine routines behind can be daunting. For the past few months, we have been cooped up inside and have become comfortable with staying in. We may be thinking, how will the transition back to campus be? What will it look like? Nobody really knows for sure, but these tips and tricks should make the transition a little smoother. 

1. Be Easy on Yourself

Firstly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This is an uncertain and uncomfortable time for everyone. No one knows how to navigate this new normal, so you’re not alone. There can be a lot of emotions and actions that affect your mental health when your normal way of life is compromised, but it is important to do your best to keep yourself in good check. Going back to school can always be difficult as it is a big change, so check in with yourself as much as possible. A few ways of doing so include going for a walk, listening to a new podcast or playlist, drawing, and journaling, all of which will help you release that pressure you put on yourself.  

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2. Let Go

Next, let go. During quarantine, you may have started both good and bad habits. Try your best to continue to build on the good habits you started and weed out the bad. If you started a new hobby, further immerse yourself in the field. If you tried and loved a new workout, continue to dabble in that exercise. Let go of the unhealthy thoughts and habits you felt and acquired during quarantine as you head back to campus. Doing so will give you the chance to have a fresh start to the school year. 

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3. Get Excited!

Finally, get excited! Going back to school is always exciting and is a great opportunity for a new start. Although this year will look a little different, going back to school is a time to soak in your independence, learn, and try new things! It can be intimidating to leave your quarantine ways behind, but doing so will give you the opportunity to have a good start to the school year. A new environment of being at school can help increase creativity and productivity.

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Anneka Smith

Illinois '21

Hello, I'm Anneka! I am an incoming Senior at U of I majoring in Advertising with minors in PR & Psychology. I love to run, drink coffee and listen to country music :)
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