Brands and Beauty You Don't Want to Miss

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Being at school can be rough.  We are stressed out with jobs, studying, group meetings, and balancing everything in between.  One of those in between things is taking care our ourselves.  It can be really hard to set time aside for yourself when you are deep into the semester.  These Her Campus Survival Kits are filled with goodies that are quick fixes to helping us feel like we are the priority.  We could all use some special treatment every once and awhile.  Here are quick ways to make yourself feel special.

1. A good morning routine

Waking up in the morning can be stressful.  We are running around, but making sure to do the quick things like brush our teeth and make our hair look presentable, are two big staples to making you feel more special.  College bathroom sinks can be filled with old makeup, brushes, toothpaste, and old hairspray.  Protecting your toothbrush from the mess with Steripod can be a great way to make sure your toothbrush stays clean!

These colorful toothbrush holders are styling, bright, and very beneficial if you are always on the go.  Steripod toothbrush protectors are available nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart and, online at Amazon or A pack of two provides six months protection and costs $5.99.  Grab yourself a pack to make sure your toothbrush stays clean so you can stay healthy!

Speaking of styling, a quick hairstyle in your morning routine is another crucial way to help you pick yourself up.  Bed Head by TIGI has some great products out that you need to try!  One product is the Masterpiece Shine Hairspray that gives your hair serious hold and shine!  It will give your hair volume and body no matter what kind of hair you have to withstand humidity.  The next Bed Head products that are great for quick mornings are the Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo or Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo.  Both of these products are great for absorbing excess oils in your hair.  The Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo is great if you are a brunette.

The last Bed Head by TIGI product that you need to try for your quick morning routine is the Hard Head Hairspray.  The hairspray has relentless hold and can save you from any crazy frizz or flyaways.  The more you use, the harder it holds your hair and also conditions your hair at the same time!

2. Plan your day

Treating yourself special through the semester and looking cute can brighten your day.  Aeropostale has got some cute accessories, like the ones below and their denim is on point this season.  They have the comfiest denim jeans that are stretchy and can be worn all day.  Check out their Instagram to see all of their cute styles for some inspiration.

After you plan out a cute and comfy outfit, it is time to organize the day!  You need to make sure to get to your classes, have all of your assignments done, and don't miss your club meetings.  The Erin Condren Hardbound LifePlanner is the greatest planner out there.  It is hardbound and covers 18 months.  You will never miss a thing with this personalized planner.

Another way to keep your day flowing smoothly is with by making sure you stay hydrated and pack snacks!  The Spindrift Sparkling Water is perfect to throw in the side of your backpack.  You can get some delicious flavor blasts throughout the day or use it at night as a mixer during your parties.  Once you are hydrated, you can easily grab some Hi-Chew candy snacks out of your backpack too.

Hi-Chew candy is sold at most convenient stores and is super cheap.  There are plenty of flavors to choose from so there is something for everyone.  You can see in the picture below how small and ideal they are as a mid-afternoon snack.

3. Prepare for bed

The last key part of your day that these great Her Campus Survival Kits are appealing too is a healthy night routine.  Freeman Beauty has great face masks for rejuvenating and exfoliating.  These masks can be used as daily cleansers and you can feel totally refreshed before bed!  If you need to open up the pores, the black charcoal mask is perfect.

After you are done cleansing your face, you can pick up your tan with a L'Oreal Paris Sublime Glow self-tanner.  These towelettes work in just 2-4 hours.  They are small enough that you can even throw them in your backpack for the next morning if you need touch-ups.  You will have a beautiful natural glow with this product.

All of these brands and products are ones you definitely do not want to miss.  They can help you feel beautiful and special during your stressful mornings, days, and nights!