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I don’t know about you, but this is exactly how I’ve been feeling this past week. The switch to all virtual work and classes has me spinning. My technology doesn’t always work and with every campus MassMail I recieve, I juat feel more sad than the last and since I am at home, my bed calls my name all day. It’s hard to overcome the urge to stay in bed all day and binge every show ever. None of us are happy with the COVID-19 situation, but we definitely need to develop a more positive and productive mindset. 

Here’s a couple tips that I’ve been trying to implement into my daily or weekly routine to radiate positivity and make myself more productive.

1. Go Outside

Go for a walk, jog around the block or just to get some fresh air. Being outside can really help boost your positivity. Evening keeping your distance from other people who are out and about is good because you get to see that other people exist outside of your own doors. Smile at them or say hi to them from across the way. We’re all in this situation together and it’s good to remember that you aren’t alone in this solitude.

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2. Start Cleaning

Cleaning is so refreshing. You don’t have to do the whole house or apartment in one day, but take some time each day to pick up part of your living space and always remember to keep your workspace clean. Nothing is worse than trying to be productive in a cluttered area. Establish your mess-free zone and keep it that way. With a newly cleaned living space, your mind can feel at peace to let you do your online school work.


3. Dance Party

Sitting at a computer all day everyday is sometimes just too much. Have a jam session or a dance party with your family, roommates or even just yourself. Getting up and being active is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. Take time to love yourself and get up and move. Release your endorphins to jump start your day or refresh for your next task!

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Bruce Mars

4. You Time

You can paint, read a book, crochet a blanket, draw something, cook, bake, dance, etc. Old or new, do something for you. I know I used to complain all the time about not having enough hours in the day to do what I wanted to. Well, this opportunity has literally been handed to us. Don’t just lay in bed feeling sad that your life has changed so much in such a short time. Do the thing you wanted to do when you didn’t have time because we all have plenty of it now. 

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Breanna Coon / Her Campus

5. Keep in Touch

Participate in the cheesy Instagram games that you get tagged in or video chat with your family and friends. Social media and Zoom have made it easier than ever to talk to one another from wherever you are whenever you want. Don’t let negativity keep you from engaging with the people that love and appreciate you. Your friends miss you just as much as you miss them, so schedule a time once a week to talk with them, share life updates and just be in each other’s presence. It will boost all of your moods and make this time apart a lot easier.

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Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

Even if you don’t do all of these things, pick one or two to try this week to see your mindset grow into positive thinking. This positivity will make you more productive in your classes and your work.  Stay safe, and remember to take care of you! You got this!

Hi y'all! I am a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying Advertising with a minor in Psychology. I'm passionate about popcorn, puppies, people and more. I'm looking forward to wherever life takes me!
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