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In the past week, we’ve seen a huge drop of new music from all genres. These are a few highlighted albums and singles that are doing well online right now. They’re listed in no particular order, so judge and listen by your discretion. If you’re anything like me, you follow your “Discover Weekly” Spotify playlist and love finding a new bop or ballad. Maybe one of the following will be your next new favorite song. These new releases are just the start of what will hopefully be a great season for music!

1. Frank Ocean’s “DHL”

The. Man. Is. Back. He has been gone so long and his absence from music has become a meme. Regardless, this song is just as chill and trippy as the rest of his discography. Overall, it holds itself as a great song for the season. Hopefully this single is a sneak peak into his *unannounced* upcoming album.

2. Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” & “Look at Her Now”

We love the drama of some Justin Bieber-inspired tracks (or maybe The Weeknd too?), but there’s a lot of growth here in her lyrics and imagery. The music videos for both the singles are well shot and visually beautiful, especially the funkiness of “Look at Her Now.” You can catch my roommate and I bumping along to that one in our kitchen for the next month.

3. Rex Orange County’s album “Pony”

Rex tends to make soft spoken, indie-alternative songs about relationships and love, but this album took me by surprise. He sings about his struggles with mental health and the impact of love. It appears like it’s a journey that he’s comfortable and honest expressing in his music. Personally, I find the tone very refreshing. It’s a good snuggle up in bed with some candles on kind of album. I may or may not have done that as I listened to his album in one sitting… 

4. Cigarettes After Sex’s album “Cry”

When I write, I like to bop along at a steady pace and not get distracted by the lyrics along the way. This album is perfect for anyone like me who wants to listen to music while they’re writing or studying, but also wants to stay in the groove. This album is very nostalgic as you float along to some slow drum beats and romantic lyrics. I’d never listened to this band before, so I look forward to taking a deep dive into the rest of their discography!

6. Lizzo’s “Good as Hell” Featuring Ariana Grande

If you didn’t already love Lizzo, well here you go. This is a great remix because featured artists don’t always mesh harmoniously when the song is already a hit (sorry Billie and Justin). Their high notes compliment each other, and so do their empowering attitudes.

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