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The Best Halloween Specials from Your Favorite Netflix Shows To Get You in a Spooky Mood

The Office 

“Halloween” Season 2 Episode 5 

The Office has many great Halloween episodes, with each character always sporting hilarious costumes at work. However, this first Halloween episode in season 2 is arguably the most iconic. 

Michael and Paper-Mache Michael struggle trying to figure out who to fire before the Halloween party 

Three-hole punch Jim and Cat Pam work together (in the cutest way) to try to get Dwight hired at a different job

And Kevin wears this. 


“The One With the Halloween Party” Season 8 Episode 6 

Chandler and Monica host an exciting costume party for the friends. 

Monica and Phoebe battle it out with their Catwoman and Supergirl costumes 

Chandler rocks the pink bunny 

and Ross pulls a “classic Ross” and is “spud-nik” 

Parks and Recreation 

“Greg Pikitis” Season 2 Episode 7 

In this episode, Leslie confronts her sworn Halloween enemy, high school riff-raff Greg Pikitis to try and stop him from teepeeing a statue of an old Pawnee mayor. 

He ends up teepeeing the Parks Department instead

Ann throws a lame Halloween party, but Tom swoops in to save the day

We can all rest easy because Burt Macklin, FBI is on the case 

New Girl 

“Keaton” Season 3 Episode 6 

Schmidt is going through a hard time after his breakup and gets an email from an old friend…

Jess tries to keep the secret alive and be Keaton

but in the end the truth comes out.

How I Met Your Mother 

“Slutty Pumpkin” Season 1 Episode 6

The gang catches Robin up on Ted’s Halloween tradition of the past four years of going to the Acapella rooftop party to wait for the Slutty Pumpkin 

Lily and Marshall kill the couples costume game, yet again 

Barney “Halloween suits up” many times 

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