Abroad in Champaign

If you are a junior stuck in Champaign this semester, I am sorry. The struggle is beyond real, as this is the semester most 2019 students embark on an adventure abroad. Although I did not have study abroad be part of my college experience, I don’t think it’s going to be that bad. Yes, it is hard to look at my Instagram feed, scrolling through all the beautiful aesthetics of Barcelona, while I look out my GST window to Green Street, but at the end of the day, who would want one less semester on this amazing campus? Here are some tips and tricks to survive a semester abroad in Champaign.


1. Focus on friendships, old and new. 

It was kind of weird coming back to school from winter break, not seeing all the familiar faces that I usually do. Although it felt different, I realized over the past couple weeks how much easier it is to get close with people not in my immediate group.


     2. Explore new places.

This may sound silly considering this campus is only so big, but very few have ventured out past the walls of Foellinger and Bromley Hall. What people may not know is that only one mile away, downtown Champaign is filled with fun places to go. There are trendy restaurants and even roof top bars. I highly suggest checking some of them out with your friends when the weather warms up.


      3. Get involved!

The past two years have been very busy for me, with deciding my major and adjusting to college in general. I definitely got involved, but not as much as I would have liked to. It is definitely not too late; use your free time to explore different clubs and organizations. I thought I knew about pretty much every club on campus, but it turns out there are too many to count. Even if you try something not directly correlated with your major, you can still learn from the experience and discover new passions.


      4. Pick up a new hobby.

This might be the time to start you fitness goals you keep putting off. Or, take time to yourself to do things that make you happy, even if they are small. You can start a journal and write things down, which is surprisingly therapeutic. You can actually start cooking for yourself and friends, if you have an apartment kitchen to take advantage of. 


        5. Boost your GPA.

Use this time of no distractions to focus on your GPA. Spend time at the library. Get invested in your classes. You can make up for grades that might have hurt you in the past!

Every time I talk to someone older, they reiterate how fast college flies by. We only have 8 semesters here, and for me, I only have 3 left. When I put this into perspective, it makes me excited to live in the moment, and no matter where my friends may be, remain grateful I get to spend my four years at this school! 

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