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8 Spring Cleaning Tips to Start the Season Right

Spring cleaning applies to college students, too! Start the spring season right by de-cluttering and freshening up all your belongings with these eight tips.

1. De-clutter Your Desk

With so many different classes, it’s hard to keep up with the massive amount of homework assignments, study guides, syllabi, paperwork, and notes. All of those class materials tend to pile up, so take the time to sift through all the papers you’ve accumulated this year and recycle the ones you don’t need anymore. Also, make sure to throw out any old, unused office supplies and organize them neatly into your desk.

2. Sell Old Textbooks

College students spend a fortune on textbooks, all of which usually just end up in a pile somewhere after the course is over. With just a little bit of time and effort, though, you can resell used books and get some pocket change in return! Post them for sale on Amazon, Chegg, Illini Book Exchange, or wherever else. Or, simply take them to the Illini Union Bookstore at the end of the semester where you can get cold, hard cash for the ones they’re willing to buy back.

3. Prepare Your Wardrobe for Spring

In anticipation of the warm weather that spring brings, organize your closet by putting away winter clothes, taking your warm-weather things from out of storage, and donating old clothing you don’t wear anymore. You’ll appreciate the extra space when you buy new pieces to revamp your spring wardrobe. 

4. Revamp Your Professional Profile

With spring comes job-hunting season! Take a spring cleaning approach to improve your marketability to employers. Clean up your social media profiles and spruce up your LinkedIn page and resume by adding all the experience you’ve gained this year.

5. Rearrange Your Living Space

When you live in a tiny apartment or dorm room, it is really easy to get tired of this space. Rejuvenate yourself this spring by rearranging your furniture, changing up the pictures in your room, incorporating some different decorations, or buying a small houseplant.

6. Trash Outdated Food

It’s best left unmentioned what kinds of outdated foods and old takeout boxes might be hiding in our mini fridges, freezers, and pantries. Throw all of this icky food into the trash. It will be a huge relief!

7. Throw Away Old Makeup

Yes, makeup does expire! It can be unsanitary or even unhealthy to use beauty products that are past their prime. Spring clean your collection by throwing out anything that’s old or you don’t use anymore. Like your closet, this frees up room for exciting new spring eyeshadow, blush, and lip colors!

8. Break Out the Cleaning Supplies

Out of everything college students do, cleaning isn’t always the highest priority. Go on a spring cleaning spree by pulling out all those seldom-used cleaning supplies. Mop, sweep vacuum, dust, wipe down any surfaces like mirrors and counters, clean your bathroom, and clean whatever else is dirty in your living space! It will be so nice to have everything fresh and clean for spring.Cover Photo | Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4

Madeline Sievers is an Advertising student in the College of Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In her spare time, she loves cooking and baking, binge watching, and being with her friends, family, and adorable kitty. Follow her: @merelymadeline
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