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7 Ways to Bypass mid Semester Blues

With first exams underway, you may feel the need to rip out your hair, or give up on your education goals completely.  I have even heard people contemplating alternative careerslike stripping or drug dealingdue to the stress that school creates.  When school gets too much, there are 6 things that you can do to bypass the mid semester school blues.


First things first, a major way to bypass this school blues is exercise.  That New Years Resolution of yours was a good start, but seriously, that is just the beginning.  Going to the gym at least twice a week can really help relieve stress, and your body will love you for it.  Exercising doesn’t have to be boring either.  Things like yoga, rock climbing, or a hip-hop dance class are all great options to get over the hill that we have come to call the mid semester school blues.


Sometimes you just need to forget about schoolat least for a few hours.  Going to see a movie can help you do exactly that.  Just to take your mind away from the work load that school brings, go see one of the latest releasesFifty Shades of Grey, The Duff, or even The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.


I know this may sound bad, but going to a good party is another thing that will definitely help you get over being tied down by school.  Good music, good conversation, and dancing that will vary, what more can I say?




Going out for a dinner date with your significant other and/or your besties can also help relieve the mid semester blues.  Socializing with the people you care about should make you happy, thus making the thought of anything school related go to the back of your mindfor a brief period of time.


Are you that person that always needs to win, at everything?  Well then game night is for you.  Who doesnt love a night full of pizza, pop, uno, heads up and butt-whooping?  That sounds like my cup of tea.   [insert i must win picture here]


A really simple way to ease the mid semester school blues is by taking a walk, or a bus ride to whatever destination you choose.  Were going back to the basics on this one.  Just spending a little alone time and getting to view the world around you should take your mind off of that homework you did or didnt do, and those exams that you may or may not have got As on.


Lastly, no one ever said you need a reason to dress up.  Looking nice for myself always makes me feel better, regardless of how things are currently going in my life.  Get your flawlessness on! [insert spiffy photo here]


With all of that being said, college is toughmidterms or no midterms.  Life is tough in general.  Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself.  Live a little, and enjoy your college experience.

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