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6 Ways to Deal with Roommate Conflict

Whether you are living with your best friend or went random, problems can (and most likely will) arise when you have a roommate. Living with other people is never easy and compromises are often necessary. While it may seem like an eternity until the semester ends, it can go by a lot faster if you minimize conflict with who you’re living with. Below are six ways to handle living with a difficult roommate. 

1. Stay busy

Find things on campus that will keep you active and out of your room. Study at the library instead of at your own desk. Hit the gym. Go to the movies. Join clubs. The only time you really need to be home is when you’re sleeping. So get involved and get away from your roommate at the same time.

2. Make friends

Whenever you need an escape, you’ll need somewhere to go. Having great friends outside of your living space gives you a place to hang out, get work done and sometimes even sleep! When it gets to the point where you can’t stand to be around your roommate anymore, go to your friend’s place and crash there for a while. Hopefully your roomie will get the hint and you’ll have some time to cool off.

3. Laugh it off

Having a good sense of humor is key when dealing with an annoying roommate. When you don’t like a person even the smallest things they do can bother you: like the way your roommate coughs, chews gum, or flips a notebook page. Try and make the best of the situation and remember that everyone has their quirks. If something is really bothering you, then proceed to our next tip …

4. Talk it out

Communication is definitely important. Sending her a simple text reminding her to clean up her dishes because you have friends coming over can do the trick. If that doesn’t work, talk to her in person and let her know what is bothering you. She’s not a mind reader so unless you tell her what’s bothering you, she won’t know and can’t change.

5. Invest in a few things

A great pair of headphones can do wonders when you need to block out a roommate’s hour long Skype session with her boyfriend or other annoyances. Tuning her out with the sound of your favorite Netflix show will help you blow off some steam. Also buy an eye mask and earplugs. If she’s insensitive to your sleeping schedule, these two things could clue her in to the problem. The eye mask can help you fall asleep when she keeps her lamp on all night and the earplugs will prevent you from waking up in the mornings while she makes noise getting ready for class.

6. If all else fails, consider alternative living arrangements 

If it really gets to the point where you just can’t deal anymore, figure out another place to live. Plenty of people move or transfer rooms, it is a pursuable option.

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