6 Ways to De-stress On Your Own

When a new semester starts, everyone is still getting to know their classes and daily schedules. A few weeks in, however, homework will begin to pile up and it may be difficult to find time to relax. Your friends are also students, so learning to de-stress on your own is valuable both during college and in life!

1. Invest in an oil diffuser.

Oil diffusers are trendy nowadays and can be found in a variety of stores, both in-store and online. There are affordable brands, which come with different scents. Each scent has a benefit, from increasing mental clarity to inducing sleep. Turning one on after a long day of classes is a great way to ease your mind.

2. Order take-out.

Many of us live on a budget in college, but some nights you deserve to indulge in your favorite foods and snacks. If you’ve had a tough week and find yourself hungry at night, order from your favorite restaurant, throw on comfy sleepwear, and watch a movie. Your stomach and mind will be happier!

3. Treat yourself to a spa day.

It is a blessing to find a sale on face masks, especially at convenience stores. After multiple nights of sleep deprivation, stay home and put on a mask. Face masks are refreshing and empowering. Plus, who doesn’t love smooth and glowing skin?

4. Netflix time.

Throughout the day, there are times where you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but once it’s time to hit the hay, the sleepiness disappears. We’ve all been there! Opening up your laptop or downloading the app on your phone will definitely do wonders. There is a huge selection of entertainment genres, from documentaries to old TV shows. Netflix is a power move regardless.

5. Take a nap!

When you feel like there is a lot on your plate, getting an extra hour of sleep during the day may help in recognition, focus, and alertness later on in the day. Napping at night is not usually a good idea, since your body will have a hard time adapting to your normal sleep schedule. However, listen to your body when it is tired!

6. Listen to music.

Lay on your bed and listen to music to give your body a break from the day. On your walk to class, listen to music so you can feel prepared for all the notes you’re about to take. Or, jog around the block and listen to music so you are more awake. Music helps with mood swings, which many people undergo when feeling overwhelmed. I would highly recommend listening to music!

College is rarely easy, and most people are stressed out during the week. If you feel as though you need alone time, follow some of these tips so you can learn how to take a break without relying on others!


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