6 Drinks to Get You in the Fall Mood

Every fall, people go to apple orchards, dress in trendy sweaters, and purchase a decent pair of brown boots. Soon, the buzz begins about “pumpkin spice” and cider. While the fall season is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the weather, I struggle to find new drink options to fit the cozy, colorful mood of the season. If you have had enough of plain old cider, read below to discover drink recipes that will bring joy to your taste buds!

1. Iced Sparkling Apple Cider

If you are looking for a way to cool down on a warmer day of autumn, this drink will fulfill your desires. Chilled sparkling apple cider is a bubbly, light take on original cider. With a gentle mix of cinnamon, ginger ale, and apples, you can’t go wrong by trying out the full recipe!

2. Caramel Apple Shake

It doesn’t get better than a milkshake… except for a caramel apple one! This incredibly sweet drink is comprised of only three ingredients, and the full recipe can be found here. By mixing the appropriate amounts of caramel, vanilla ice cream, and apples, you will soon be able to enjoy the filling shake!

3. Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

Ooh, the chills! As the colder days begin to settle in the fall, your body may crave warmth through the consumption of a delicious beverage. No worries, this pumpkin spice white hot chocolate will cover all your cravings. Along with being caffeine-free, hot chocolate is a delicious drink for every age!

4. Apple Cider Float

If you are still looking to satisfy your desire for apple cider, try a float version! Instead of root beer, apple cider floats receive their carbonation from sparkling apple cider. This drink is a wonderful farewell to summer, while introducing the taste of the fall season. Check out the full recipe here!

5. Golden Apple Punch

With the weather fluctuating between warm and cool during autumn, punch would be a great addition to any gathering. Golden apple punch is comprised of white grape juice, ginger ale, and other mouth-watering ingredients. This recipe is kid-friendly and can easily be made into big portions!

6. Candy Corn Punch

On another note, candy corn punch is a sugary, colorful drink that will definitely appeal to younger children! More details about the portions can be found here, but the final result is a multi-colored beverage. The top is white, the middle part is yellow, and at the bottom of the glass is a vibrant orange. Be careful not to stir, or else the candy corn effect will disappear!


Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, or house, these recipes are easy to make and affordable! Next time you drink cider, think about spicing it up!

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