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5 Ways to Relieve Stress (As Told By A College Student)

As spring approaches, so are more projects, midterms and stress over what we are doing for the summer that will help us pay off the student debt we may be in.  Because of this, we tend to find ourselves a little more stressed than we would like to be. The thought of being able to sit on the couch and catch up on some New Girl sounds like a dream that is so far away from reality!

Although college can cause mjor stress that will make us feel like Indiana Jones running away from a quickly-approaching boulder, there are five ways to relieve this stress before the boulder runs us over.

1. Go for a run!  I am no runner; in fact, I consider my 1.9 miles around seniorland a marathon.  However, it is an amazing way to get rid of some stress, not only because it releases endorphins, but it also gives us a break from studying.  Running, especially as the weather gets warmer, serves as the time we have to ourselves. I often catch myself figuring out solutions to any of the situations I’m stressed about during my run.

2. Take a study break and go for a walk with a couple pals to grab some frozen yogurt at Cocomero off of Wright Street.  There may be very few things that boosts a mood more than some delicious frozen yogurt, especially as the weather is getting more beautiful each day. Did I mention, it is scientifically proven that eating chocolate makes people happier?

3. Visit the Champaign Botanical Garden right off of Lincoln Avenue!  If you really have a lot of work to do, this is a perfect place that will definitely help you feel better as you read through the 15-page academic journal on marketing tips.  Scenery and setting actually play a huge role in how motivated we feel as well as what our mood is.  This is the perfect place to sit outside, admiring the beauty Champaign has besides cornfields, and slowly check things off of your list that have been giving you anxiety.

4. Watch stand-up comedy on Netflix.  I am not kidding.  This is what I did all of finals week last semester, and let me tell you, laughter is the best medicine.  Nothing is worse that constantly thinking about all of the things we have to do but can’t focus on because of the stress.  Take a quick hour break from studying, and go watching some John Mulaney.

5.  If all else fails, go to The Red Lion and ice out a couple vodka sprites or whatever suits you. There is no better to get rid of some stress than socializing and ending your night at Burrito King…. ’till the next morning. (But that’s a different story)

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