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5 Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends Studying Abroad

Second semester is a time when many people choose to study abroad. So with our friends in different states, countries and continents, it is necessary to have many ways to stay in touch. Here are five ways to stay in contact with your friends abroad that don’t include stalking their Instagram (just don’t do it)!

With the advent of technology, we have the advantage of connecting with our friends through many different mediums, whether from your phone or your computer.


One of the most popular apps today is FaceTime. It allows you to make video calls from any of your Apple products including your phone, computer, iPod and tablet. An added bonus of FaceTime is that it is free and simply works off of Wi-Fi. 

“I use FaceTime to audio call my cousin who is studying in France this semester,” said freshman Katherine Luby. “It’s completely free with Wi-Fi and the connection works great for overseas.”


Skype is probably one of the most common forms of communication people use when talking long distance. It offers face-to-face communication with a person that can be done over the computer or on your phone.

“I love skype!” said freshman Victoria Mendiola. “I just wish it wouldn’t cut off.” While Skype can occasionally disconnect, when it does work it is a great way to video chat a friend.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a free app that works with Facebook which you can use to talk to friends AIM style. This option is better than texting because it does not involve any overseas charges. There are also options for group messaging on the app so you can still keep the squad together.


Snapchat is still a great way to keep in touch with friends even if they are in a different country. With Snapchat being an app, and thus running on data, it acts as a free and quick way to talk to friends. And with Snapchat being something you most likely already use it’s great that you can still use it when your friends are abroad.


Spoiler alert: the postal service still works. Writing letters is a more traditional way to keep in touch with your friends abroad. It acts as more of a “once in a blue moon” form of communication, but it is still nice to receive a piece of mail from a faraway friend and all for the price of a postage stamp. When you’re abroad friends are feeling a little homesick, a surprise letter is a surefire way to cheer them up.

Phone Call

Video calls are certainly a lot of fun, but a traditional phone call works just as well. While long distance phone calls will cost you some money, it is still a good way to keep in touch with a person.

Which of the above ways are you using to keep in touch with your friends who are abroad? Let us know in the comments below! 


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