5 Ways To Destress During Finals Season

The worst part about Fall Break and Winter Break is the two weeks of total chaos in between. From group project presentations to finals, this time of year is full of nothing but stress. In between your 12 hour library sessions and four cups of coffee, here are some tips on how to take a breath and step back from all the struggles of finals season.

1. Take a Cleaning Break

I personally always feel the most motivated and productive in a clean space. This may seem like a weird way to destress, but during busy weeks I know how messy my bedroom and living space can become. Whenever I return to an unorganized space it is just another reminder of something I need to take care of, which only stresses me out more. Sometimes taking a break from studying to clean and tidy your room can give you a chance to clear your mind and focus on something else. Also, whenever you come back to your room after a long day in the library you will return to a space that does not add any additional stress to your mood.

2. Work it Out

Nothing releases endorphins quite like a good sweat sesh during your favorite method of working out. I know during finals season you feel as though you have no time to do anything but study, however, giving yourself an hour or two to release all that tension is a great way to help your mind and body. I also can guarantee that during those hours of studying you use at least an hour of it getting distracted on your phone. Rather than sitting in the library stalking your ex's Instagram, give yourself a mental break and head to the ARC. Working out helps regain your focus and gives you time to retain any information your have been studying. Also, it is never too early to get started on that "new year, new me" resolution. 

3. Buy The Candle

One of my favorite things to do after a lond day of classes or group project meetings is to light a candle in my room and just relax. I heard this advice earlier this week and nothing encompasses my attitude during finals more than this: "Buy the candle, and don't regret it." You are straining yourself during this time of year to stuff as much information as possible within a short amount of time. It is okay to treat yourself to a nice Yankee Candle and enjoy it from time to time. Grab a glass (or two) of wine, light your candle, and unwind every once in awhile. Too much of anything is never a good thing, and that goes for studying as well. 

4. Music Therapy

Personally, I struggle to listen to music while I study. The downside of this is that I am missing out on a ton of new music that is released during this time of year because I am committing myself to finals. If you struggle with this same problem, leave yourself a small 30 minute time block every night or so to enjoy music you don't have time to listen to during the day. One of my favorite places to find new songs and artists is Spotify's New Music Friday Playlist. It is customized to your specific taste and showcases artists that you otherwise may have never heard of. This way, you still have time to get your music fix and can return home to show all your high school friends your new favorite songs!

5. Sleep

Trust me, I get it - pulling all nighters is sometimes the only way you feel like you can get anything done. Having said that, your body needs sleep to retain information and process it. While you may feel like you are getting more done, your brain needs to have time to learn the information, otherwise all those sleepless nights mean nothing. Study hard during the day, but try to give yourself a good night's rest most nights to allow your body to catch up. I know that when I am feeling more tired I become easily overwhelmed because my brain is moving a million miles a minute trying to stay awake. Give yourself time to rest to not only feel better the next day but to have a more productive study session as well.


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