5 Tips to Help You Survive Freshman Year

Being a Freshman in college is so much fun, an all-around good time, and an amazing experience that you can’t find anywhere else. You meet new people, build new friendships, and join new organizations that become a great way to get involved in a community. But, going into college is a big transition and can be hard for a lot of people. Here are 5 tips that I learned from my Freshman year that are the key to surviving your first year at college.

1. Know the Bus Stops

When I first got to college I didn’t think that knowing the bus routes would be a must. But, I soon realized that the bus system is key to getting around campus. Not only will knowing the bus routes help with your commute to class, but in the winter when you don’t want to walk in the freezing cold, the bus is definitely the way to go. 

2. Stay Organized

Organization is key. This tip was so important in my academic success during my Freshman year. Make a list on your phone of the homework you need to complete for the week and get into a schedule of when you do your work everyday. This ensures that you always finish what needs to do be done on time, and allows you to budget time for other activities.

3. Save Money Where You Can

I will be the first one to admit that keeping track of your spending in college is hard. You want to eat out every night and online shop for cute clothes every day. But, I learned that a good way to keep your spending low is to save eating out for the weekends. This way, you are saving your money during the week and can treat yourself on the weekends.

4. Be Active

At this point, I’m sure all of you have been warned about the Freshman 15 and the horror stories of weight gain from late night eats. I’m here to tell you that being active can make all the difference in the world. Not only will staying active help you stay in shape, but it will also make you feel good. There is nothing more rewarding then completing a workout, especially on the days that are stressful or hard to get through.

5. Sleep

I know that telling you to get sleep might seem a little silly, but I promise you that a good nights sleep can completely change how you feel the next day. Sleep is essential for both academic success and everyday functionality. You would be surprised at how much better you feel physically and mentally after taking the night to just stay in and sleep. Don’t be scared that you are missing out on some fun night, because I can promise you every night is the same and that sleep is way more important then going out.