5 Tips to Deal with Tough Roommate Living Situations

When registering for college dorms, most girls hope to find an easygoing roommate. An ideal person to room with is someone who has similar eating, cleanliness, sleep, and study habits; however, everyone is different and you may find yourself living with someone who is the opposite of you. It can get overwhelming to come back from class and find clothes and food all over the room, or trying to focus while your roommate is on FaceTime for the entire night. Don’t worry, there are ways to help the situation at hand!

1. Leave the room throughout the day.

Being in a stressful room may cause a person to feel anxious, especially when the source of the stress is from another person. Learning to study at a coffee shop, going to the gym, joining clubs, and even making friends in other parts of your dorm may help decrease the amount of time that you spend in your room.

2. Maximize alone time, while you have it.

If you have a roommate that never leaves the room, try to find time for yourself when they are gone. If they are in class or eating at the dining hall, it would be relaxing to watch Netflix, eat some chips, or even take a nap. Try not to let their presence stop you from finding alone time during the week!

3. Communicate your concerns.

Often, your roommate may not know her actions are affecting you negatively. If you have never told her explicitly what concerns you, she will continue to act in ways that make you unhappy. Communication can help move things forward, and if they don’t, there are other ways to approach the situation.

4. Talk to your R.A. if it becomes too much for you to handle.

If talking to your roommate doesn’t improve the situation, or you find that everyday it is getting worse, find your resident assistant. They were selected and hired for a reason and will offer solutions to create a better living condition. Your roommate may have personal reasons for the way they act, which the R.A. will be able to take into account when approaching the conversation. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

5. Switch roommates if the situation becomes unbearable.

Once you have exhausted every option, work with your R.A. to see if there is another room available. Every dorm is different with room switches, but you may find that a few are open. You can meet the other girls in those rooms and see if one would be a better fit. Hopefully, it works out the second time around!

Many girls get lucky with finding their best friend through the freshman dorms, but living with someone can be different than you might expect. If you’re having trouble, there are ways to improve the situation. Keep your head up and try to stay positive!


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