5 Tips to Conquer Black Friday Like Blair Waldorf

Black Friday...a day full of late nights, long lines, and many espresso shots. I myself have been going Black Friday shopping since I was in 7th grade, and over my years of experience I have picked up three solid tips that will help make your Black Friday experience a little less stressful!

1. Think Small

I know you have probably been planning to go with your hometown girl gang since you all left for school. Your group chat of eight friends have been texting and sending in products they have had their eyes on for months! However, if you want the least drama-filled experience, then the smaller the group, the better. We all have a few friends who are already yawning once hour three rolls around. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone, but a friend complains about the line so then you are forced to leave without buying the present. Smaller groups allow you to make a strategic game plan of what stores to hit and what your goals of the trip are. Less people means less opinions, and your shopping experience will be a whole lot more efficient.

2. Do Your Research

Like a final, going into Black Friday without doing your homework leads to sweating, nerves, and maybe even a few tears. Everyone and their mother is at the mall on this day, so walking in without a plan can be very - and I mean very - overwhelming. Look on websites or past promotions to best be able to gauge what stores will have the best deals. If you are aware of what stores you want to hit beforehand, you are able to ignore that lost puppy look in the middle of the mall square.

3. Caffeinate When Needed

I have been a coffee drinker since my sophomore year in high school, so in times such as Black Friday, coffee is an easy option for my dose of caffeine. Whatever your preference may be, make sure you are caffeinating at the efficient times. When you first arrive to the mall, you have so much adrenaline and excitement that caffinating prior to arriving is a waste of money. My best recommendation is to get coffee after your first two stores. Most people go straight to the mall Starbucks when they arrive, so the lines are worse than the ones at Victoria Secret. If you have to hold off for the first few hours, you will find shorter lines and that the caffeine hits you right when you really need it!

4. Dress Appropriately

We are shopping till we drop, ladies, so dress comfortably. There are too many times I see people dressing in cute outfits at the mall on Black Friday and they just look plain miserable the whole time. Dress in comfy clothes so you still feel good about yourself but aren't going to be complaining about those new shoes you still have to break in. My favorite attire is leggings, tennis shoes, and a comfy hoodie or sweater. Hoodies are a great option if you often find yourself falling asleep on a mall bench...I can’t say I haven’t been there!

5. Don't Take It Too Seriously

At the end of the day, Black Friday should be a fun experience to share with friends and family. As cute as that blouse is, it is not worth throwing elbows for! Have fun and make memories, but do not push yourself to the limit. I have made countless memories with my friends during our sleep-deprived hours in mall food courts - but remember, this is only shopping. If you find yourself overly stressed and overwhelmed it is okay to head home...there is always Cyber Monday!!


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