5 Reasons to Go to Sleep Early

Everyone has restless nights, and for most of my college years, I found it difficult to go to sleep early. Whether it be staying up late on my phone, watching Netflix, or even just listening to music, most nights I did not want to turn all my technology off in order to go to sleep early...until I found out I had four 8 a.m. courses in one semester! It was a big wake-up call, especially as a student who still wanted to have a social life, while keeping up with academics. Below, I have some motivational reasons I found to be the most helpful, now that I have to go to sleep early!

1. Eating breakfast.

Wow! What a new concept, actually waking up for breakfast! After a late night, I would sleep in the following morning and miss breakfast every day. If you go to sleep early, you will have time to eat a filling meal and prevent your stomach from grumbling during your first class of the day. Breakfast is an important meal, but waking up fifteen minutes before your class leaves little time for food.

2. More time for homework.

It may feel overwhelming to get all your homework done before sleeping, so instead of staying up late, use the extra time in the morning to get it done. You may even find yourself working ahead, either to fill the extra hour or to save yourself from crunch time right before midnight deadlines. Not only does it feel great to be ahead in academics, but it also helps alleviate the stress of trying to finish a difficult assignment right before going to bed.

3. Hit the gym.

By going to bed early, you can wake up the next morning and work out before classes begin. Even if you don't have four 8 a.m.s, you will still have additional time during your day to spend becoming healthier. Taking care of your body will do wonders to both your mental and physical health!

4. Free time.

You have more time to spend doing what you love when you go to sleep early, whether it be laying around watching Netflix or baking a fresh batch of cookies. Regardless, there are more opportunities throughout the day to find and pursue what makes you smile!

5. Happier mindset.

When your body is well-rested, you may find yourself more at ease with the hardships of daily collegiate life. Stessful events require a clear mind, and it is attainable to achieve this when you received a good amount of sleep the night before. Your grades may improve, and your overall happiness will too.

Overall, I would highly recommend going to bed early when possible. There are benefits to receiving a healthy amount of sleep, from having time to work out to being able to eat breakfast. These are some of the reasons I use to motivate myself when going to sleep early before my 8 a.m.s, and I hope they help you too!


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