3 Tips For Sorority Recruitment

Rush is a scary, obscure, and intimidating process for anyone to enter into. Below are 5 tips on how to make your sorority recruitment process go smoothly!

Plan Outfits Beforehand

While it's the inside that counts, there are dress codes for each day of rush. Researching the requirements in advance and picking out outfits prior to recruitment will help make the process overall less stressful. There will be a lot of late nights and early mornings during recruitment, so you don’t want to be worrying about your outfit along with all other stressors that come with rush. Plan before and you will have one less thing on your mind!

Pack Your Bag

During recruitment every PNM will receive a tote bag to carry your belongings in throughout recruitment. This is your lifeline! Pack anything and everything you could ever need in this bag because I assure you, you will need it. A few examples of things I brought that were super beneficial are:


-Deodorant/body spray


-Breath mints

-Snacks (granola bars, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, etc.)


-Water bottle

-Flip flops (for days when you wear heels)


-Blotting sheets


-Touch-up makeup (concealer, powder, etc.)

Trust The Process

This is the most cliche and overused phrase of sorority recruitmen, but I PROMISE you it could not be more true. Going through rush you will fall in love with a lot of houses, and sometimes the one that you thought was for you will drop you. It's okay! It isn’t that those girls didn't like you, yu are just destined to be somewhere else. Looking back on recruitment now, I can never imagine myself in the houses that I once thought were the ones for me. There is nothing wrong with those houses, but I now understand why ended up where I did. It may time some time after bid day to see it, but I promise you everything happens for a reason and you will find your place!

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