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Why You Need to Watch Gilmore Girls Right Now

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When others think about fall, they think about spooky season and Thanksgiving, but I think about Gilmore Girls. And it is now officially Gilmore Girls season! 

If you haven’t seen this show yet, it’s the perfect time to do so. It has the immaculate fall vibes, which might be great right now, especially with the weather constantly changing every day. It follows the Gilmore girls — the daughter, Rory; the mother, Lorelai; and the grandmother, Emily — and their… interesting relationships with each other. 

Nearly every autumn, I spend some time *in* Stars Hollow with the whole, wacky gang for seven beautiful seasons (plus a four episode-long special). It’s a pretty enjoyable way to spend one of the best seasons. These are just some of the reasons you should be watching (or starting to rewatch) Gilmore Girls right now. 

The Fall Vibes

For some reason, the setting and characters of Gilmore Girls just exude the feelings of autumn. Most of the series does take place from fall to spring, but the small town feel of Stars Hollow and the beautiful aesthetics of Rory’s schools (Chilton and Yale) give an everlasting impression of fall. This show is almost always included in the best shows to watch in the fall, and you just have to watch the show to understand! 


I know that saying you should watch Netflix to be more motivated to do schoolwork is a bit counterintuitive, but I’m serious! A large plot point in the show is that of Rory’s academics. She is a determined, intelligent student that receives high marks but also goes through the difficulties of being such a focused student. You may relate to Rory’s character or want to work harder to become more like her, which might be exactly what we all need halfway through the semester! 

To Combat Being Homesick

I’ve been at college for two months now, and I honestly can’t tell if I’m homesick or not. Yes, I love all the new people I’ve met and experiences I have had, but I must admit I do miss the family, friends, and overall environment of my hometown. Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow will remind you of that hometown feel, whether you lived in a small town or big city. Soon, you’ll feel like a part of the family and community of Stars Hollow — forget about your actual hometown!

The time is NOW to finally watch Gilmore Girls if you haven’t yet. If you don’t immediately want to move to a small town, drink ten cups of coffee, or switch your major to journalism after watching Gilmore Girls, then I would be extremely surprised. 

I can easily get lost in this show, and I hope I have convinced you to get lost in it with me this fall.

Emily Mepham

Illinois State '25

Hi! My name is Emily and I am an English major at Illinois State University. Obviously, as an English major, I do a lot of writing and, thankfully, I love it! My entire personality consists of coffee, Disney, Squishmallows, and Taylor Swift. I hope you enjoy my writing at least half as much as I enjoy writing it! <3 em
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