What to Keep in Your Backpack During Winter

When you transition from high school to college, you realize you have to start carrying more things in your backpack than what you did in high school. In college, there are no lockers. You have to make sure you carry everything you need in your backpack in case it randomly starts raining after your 1pm class. Here I have listed what I keep in MY backpack during these colder months.


1. A hat & earmuffs

I carry an extra hat and/or earmuffs in my backpack at ALL times. Keeping your ears covered can help prevent a cold/flu. Especially with finals around the corner, we do NOT need to come down with the flu!!

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2. Gloves/Hand warmers

The weather outside is dropping, and it is dropping fast. It is so important to wear gloves so your hands do not freeze! If you do not have gloves, use hand warmers! They are pretty cheap at drugstores. If you need extra warmth, wear gloves and have hand warmers in your pocket!

3. Chapstick and hand lotion

When the temperature drops, the air becomes very dry. With the weather being dry, your skin and lips can get very chapped. I like to keep Chapstick in an easily accessible pocket in my backpack because I am constantly putting Chapstick on my lips. Hand lotion is a super important product I keep in my backpack because my hands get super dry in the winter. I HATE having dry hands. I love having these two products very easily accessible in my backpack so I can reach inside my bag when I am in class if I need to.

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4. Scarf

Not everyone likes scarves, but it is almost necessary for me to wear a scarf when I am walking from class to class in winter. I keep mine in my backpack because it keeps me extra warm when paired with my coat. Scarves are also great to help cover your face when the wind picks up!

5. Umbrella

During my first few weeks of college, I did not even THINK about bringing an umbrella! Crazy right? I got stuck in the rain because I did not have an umbrella. I never leave my dorm without my umbrella in case of being stuck in some bad weather. I continue to carry my umbrella during the winter season because I don’t want to get stuck in a snow storm when I am across campus.

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Most people like hot drinks during the cold weather, BUT you still need to be drinking water people! Your body exerts more water trying to stay warm, so even though its cold outside, DRINK EVEN MORE WATER. Water helps your body in so many ways. I carry ice water with me in the side pocket of my backpack 24/7.


I hope this helps any of you become more prepared when it comes to this winter season! I recommend buying little versions of products so they can fit easily in your backpack. I have an Adidas XL backpack, so I can fit everything!


Lot’s of Love

Lil Boomer ♡