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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To do

We all have those days — when we feel like the rest of the world is against us and no matter what you do, you’re not making the right decision. It seems like there are so many options and no matter what you decide, you won’t pick the right option. As college students we are experts at performing a balancing act. Between RSO’s, internships, jobs, friends and of course classes, it feels like there is never enough time for everything. Well, we at Her Campus have a few ideas on what to do when you have NO idea what to do.

Sleep it off. You don’t need to make any rash decisions. Instead, take the night to digest all of your options in order to make the right one. Most of us are running on five hours of sleep on a regular basis and this can really affect how we think and feel.

Do something you enjoy. As college students we are experts at stressing out. We spend so much time worrying about being perfect that we forget to do things that make us truly happy. Spending hours in Club Milner can make anyone go insane, so take some time — even an hour — and do something that you truly enjoy.

Talk it out. As humans we are wired to connect with people. We need human contact and when we are going crazy trying to make decisions, we forget that someone else can help. Call your mom, sister or your best friend and ask for their advice during stressful times. These people know you best and can help you figure out whatever it is you’re deciding between. Sometimes the best therapy is talking it all out.

Relax. No one has it all together. Although it may seem like everyone around you is really put together, they aren’t. Everyone is just as confused and flustered as you are… Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Realize that it isn’t life or death. Sometimes it feels like every single decision that you make in college is going to alter the rest of your life but in reality, it won’t. Stop sweating the small stuff and make more time for things that matter now! You won’t get this time back and spending your entire time here “freaking out” is a waste of time!

Just remember, don’t make life harder than it has to be.



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Grace Masching

Illinois State

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