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Warm Weather Approaching: 5 things to do this Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Warm weather approaching:

As the weather has taken a sudden jump into the warm weather and spring has officially begun, I wanted to share fun and calming activities to do in this bright spring weather.

  1. Go for run and walks. I love working out in general, but something feels so much better and different going for a long walk or a quick run outside. The sun shining on my face, a cool breeze never fails to make me feel fantastic for the rest of my day.
  2. A picnic; sitting outside in general cures everything. Getting a blanket, some snacks with your friends is a great way to enjoy the weather and spend time with the people you love. I know being on the Illinois State campus, my favorite thing is to see all the students sitting on the quad doing homework, throwing a football, or just sunbathing. It’s truly a great way to get your vitamin D for the day.
  3. Planting. Planting or starting a garden is a great way to not only grow amazing things in our earth but it’s a fun hobby to try! You can plant foods like lemons, tomatoes, peppers, or eggplant. Or you can take the other approach and plant pretty flowers. Some people may not have this space for a garden but even doing an at-home kit of a small plant for your windowsill in your apartment always brightens the room and a fun activity to do with the warm weather on its way.
  4. Shopping: Go shopping or to a local farmers market. I love going shopping in general but even more when there are local pop-up shops that give me an excuse to walk around, enjoy the weather and shop for myself or others. As the weather continue gets warm, pay attention to what festivals and markets are coming around you! I love the energy a local market shop makes me feel especially as the weather is beautiful.
  5. Take a drive. This seems very simple but as young adults, sometimes all you need is a good drive alone or with your best friends. Now that the sun is shining, let it hit your face. Put the windows down and let the wind crash through your hair and belt your favorite song. This is as simple as going on a drive to grab a coffee with your best friend or driving alone to the grocery store. It is windows down time.

Spring rolls into the summertime. The last few weeks of a school semester can be very stressful, and many tend to lose motivation to finish their semesters strong. These are little things you can do for yourself to give yourself a break throughout the final stretch of the semester or just in general. Enjoy the weather, enjoy time with friends, and enjoy time with yourself.

Lexi Jurkus

Illinois State '24

Hi, I am Lexi Jurkus. I am an English Teacher Education major at Illinois State University. I have loved writing since I was young, writing is like therapy to me. Therefore, I wanted to open myself up to the opportunity to try different ways to expand my writing!