Susie Zalewski '18

It’s not everyday you get to write about one of your best friends who doubles as the most perfect person you’ve ever met. This girl is always in a great mood, positive, driven, and “Mom.” Not only is she running her own mini business, but she’s also Delta Zeta’s president. Meet Susie.

Name: Susie Zalewski          

Hometown: Mount Prospect, IL

Major: Business Management

Year in school: Sophomore


Her Campus Illinois State: What’s a fun fact about you?

Susie Zalewski: I was the president of my elementary school in 5th grade. For my campaign, I wore a “Vote for Susie” shirt to mock the “Vote for Pedro” idea in Napoleon Dynamite. My shirt was pink and green, weird coincidence, considering they are also Delta Zeta’s colors. Who knew seven years later I’d be running for President of DZ. No, I didn’t pull out the shirt, but I still have it if you don’t believe me.


HC ISU: How would you describe yourself?

SZ: Busy, and running around, like all the time! I joke a lot, if you tell me I’m not funny, well, I won’t believe you. I take school seriously and love to have fun with friends. My family means the world to me, including my adorable pit bull, Buddy! Being a good friend is important to me; my friends often refer to me as “mom” or “the psychologist.” I hate when I fail at something, so I would consider myself motivated and persistent. I never talk about myself this much, so this is a little strange, haha. 


HC ISU: Why did you want to be Delta Zeta’s President?

SZ: Why wouldn’t I want to be Delta Zeta’s President…? Lol. I love being a part of DZ and I could not be more excited to lead our chapter to do great things. I served on the executive board last term as the New Member Educator, and I wasn’t ready to step down. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of being the president of a sorority one day. Although it’s not all glamorous like they make it seem in the movies, and it takes a lot of hard work, it’s really awesome and rewarding!


HC ISU: What else are you involved in?

SZ: This spring semester and summer I’m interning for College Works Painting as a branch manager. It’s super cool because I get to run my own mini business and that’s what I hope to do one day in the future.  If you need your house painted this summer, hit me up! :)


HC: What advice would you give to girls going through recruitment?


SZ: Go with the house that makes you feel most at home. I chose Delta Zeta because I could relate their women to my best friends from high school. Be yourself, if a chapter doesn’t ask you back, then, it wasn’t meant to be.  Joining a sorority has changed my life, as cliché as that sounds, and it could change yours too. Give it a shot!


HC ISU: Who do you look up to the most in your life?

SZ: My mom, hands down. She’s the hardest worker I know and has the biggest heart. She’s my best friend, and I have to give her all the credit for the person I am today. (My mom’s totally going to read this article, hey Mom!)


HC ISU: How has Greek life changed your life?

SZ: Where do I even start? My sisters always have my back, on a bad day they make me forget what I was stressed about, and they make every good day even better. I’ve learned how to manage my time, give back to the community, and enjoy all the ups and downs of college. I went from being a nervous freshman to the president of an amazing organization in two years. I guess you could say I’ve learned a lot in that time!

HC ISU: Single or taken?

SZ: Oh boy, very single. But whatever… lol :/


HC ISU: What’s your favorite makeup product?

SZ: Mascara because my eyelashes get super long.


HC ISU: What is your favorite food?

SZ: Chipotle burrito: white rice, chicken, sour cream, cheese, lettuce!


HC ISU: What’s your favorite Pandora station?

SZ: Summer Hits of the 2000s, they’ve got the best throwbacks!


HC ISU: You’re a huge Blackhawks fan, so who’s you’re favorite player?

SZ: Kane 100%, he’s a total bad ass.


HC ISU: What’s the most embarrassing moment at ISU?

SZ: Move in day, freshman year, I pulled up to Watty with a U-Haul attached to my mom’s van filled with all my stuff. Everyone stared but I can’t help it, I’ll never learn how to pack light.


HC ISU: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

SZ: When lazy people complain to me about being so, so tired. I just smile and nod.