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Get excited ladies PINK is about to put on another great event! If you have been a student at ISU for a even few months you know that ISU's PINK team is absolutely amazing and always has some of the best events and goodies. Well we are all in luck, because PINK is putting on another event and us at Her Campus, much like everyone else are too excited. I talked to Stephanie Khoury, a PINK rep, to give you all the info you need before you go to this event. It's time to shop ladies, get ready! 

 What is the event?

A: This event is our first In-store Event of the year! It will be this Friday, October 12th from 4-6pm! There will be $30 fleece tops, 10 for $35 panties and 15% off for students + giveaways, dpdough, redbull, beernuts, music and more!

Where will the event be held?

          A: Eastland Mall

 What time will the event be held?

           A: It will be held this Friday form 4-6pm!

 What should people wear?

          A: People should wear there cutest PINK gear! We will be taking many photos and would love to post pictures of some cute outfit ideas!

 Will there be special prizes for people that come early?

          A: We are having some of the craziest deals of the year! First 50 students will receive a tailgating cup and 25 students will receive a Starbucks gift card!

 What does this event mean to you?

           A: We are SO excited to have this event! With Homecoming right around the corner we want everyone to be Homecoming ready with really cute ISU PINK gear!

 What can we look forward to from PINK next?

           A: Plenty of giveaways! Currently we are hosting our 5 Days of Giveaways leading up to our event Friday! Everyday we post a new giveaway on our social media, so be sure to follow us on all of them!

 What, to you, do you think will be the coolest thing/activity at the event?

           A: We will have food, raffles, and such great deals! We are even having a competition between sororities! Whichever sorority has the most girls attend the event, they will win a private PINK photo shoot with our team and will be featured on our Instagram!

Should people follow the PINK ISU Instagram/Facebook to stay updated on the event?

           A: Yes absolutely! We will be giving live updates about what our prizes will be and announce a couple surprises! Follow us at @illinoisstpink on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and snapchat! It is a great way to stay connected to all the best giveaways, contests, and deals!

Everyone head over to the PINK instagram account, @illinoisstpink to see the ultimate girl power giveaway featuring gifts from us here at Her Campus! See you all Friday!



    Samantha Cedano

    Illinois State

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