People Who Inspire Me

As long as I can remember my older brother and sister have always inspired me to do things in life. We love to make jokes together and they give me good advice.


Ever since I was little he has always been the best older brother ever. He is very determined and hardworking. Now at 28, married with three beautiful children, he is such a great husband and father. I look up to him and try to always remain determined in the things I do because of him.




My sister is a photographer in Brooklyn, NY. I have always loved photography because of her. When we were little she would always take pictures of me doing silly things and I always loved the outcome of it. I like photography as a hobby. I want to excel in my photography and she always helps me by giving tips on what I can do better. Last spring I went to visit her in Brooklyn and that was really fun. My sister takes commercial pictures for a company.


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Jackie Aina

She is a beauty guru on YouTube and I love watching her videos. She created her channel to create makeup videos for women of color, especially women with deeper skin tones and not many people were doing that at the time in the early 2000’s. Her channel has grown so much over the years and she now has 2.7 million subscribers. I necessarily was not insecure about the color of my skin tone, but she definitely made me more proud about who I was. Also, she taught me not to care about what other people think because people are always going to have something bad to say about you.



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Amber Wagner

She creates motivational videos on Instagram. I love watching her videos. When I need encouragement, I go watch her videos and it just helps me to not give up. She is body positive and she always promotes that. Not matter what shape or size you are, she always says that you are beautiful. People who promote positivity are always the best, it takes too much energy to be negative.



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These people have helped me become who I am today and will always have an effect on my life. They inspire me to be more creative, self-loving, and hardworking.