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Two years ago, I shared an article on my top few most frequently listened to podcasts. This is an outlet that has become a great pastime while cleaning, driving, working out, or when I just feel overwhelmed and need an audible distraction. Podcasts have become increasingly more popular within recent years, and I’m constantly finding new favorites that cover topics along the lines of life in college, relationships, comedy, work, mental health, and all things centered around figuring out life in your early twenties. Here is my updated list of what I have been currently listening to:

1. Call Her Daddy

This podcast has taken a full 180 within the past two years as Alexandra Cooper became a solo host and completely changed the trajectory of the show. Available exclusively on Spotify, it sits at the 5th most popular podcast globally. This was on my favorites list two years ago and has been bumped up to my top choice. In this past, this podcast has been known for being controversial and turned away by many, as it was originally centered around very raunchy female humor that was deemed “toxic.” As a long-time listener, it’s great to see how Alexandra has re-focused the podcast to focus more on female empowerment, mental health, healthy relationship advice and owning who you are…of course with hints of the raunchy humor still there.

2. Mood with Lauren Elizabeth 

I have been a huge fan of Lauren Elizabeth since her early days on YouTube. As a lifestyle guru, this podcast hosted by her is a great source for mental health tips, learning how to balance stress in healthy ways, going over her best mood and worst mood of the week and of course her “mood boosters” which are small, but impactful ways to practice self-care. I admire the transparency she shares with her listeners, as she reminds us life is not as perfect as it appears on social media. 

3. What We Said 

This is my go-to while getting my nails done, or taking long drives to and from college. This podcast features two girls reading other girls’ stories that are submitted. They can be funny, embarrassing, relatable and can offer some helpful advice for some sticky situations you might find yourself in! It feels like two big sisters laughing and giving advice. Overall it’s very lighthearted, a fun listen, and the hosts are hilarious together.

4. Crying In Public 

This podcast is hosted by two young college women in their twenties who are living in New York and always have some crazy stories to share. I think of this as a modern-day version of watching Sex and the City. They are open, honest and cover all the topics you’re thinking about but don’t talk about. 

5. Life I Swear 

Hosted by Chloe Dulce Louvouezo, this podcast is extremely inspirational, educational, and eye-opening. It’s a collection of relevant topics covered all by women of color. They share their personal stories, obstacles they have overcome, and how they navigate life as young black women in modern society. They also have amazing guests on their show who share the most insightful stories. 

Listening to the same playlist every day on your way to class or during your workout gets repetitive. If you’re a female in college I highly recommend trying out these podcasts next time you’re in need of something to listen to.

Allie Nowak

Illinois State '22

Editor-in-chief for Her Campus at Illinois State University.
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