My College Backpack Essentials


My College Backpack Essentials


1. Five Subject Notebook- I love these because it keeps everything concise instead of having to carry however many separate notebooks.


2. Something to write with- This is pretty self-explanatory, but you should always have something to write with whether that be a pencil or pen just in case.


3. My Computer- This may not be the case for everyone because some may not like to carry around their computer, but I occasionally bring mine with me.


4. Lip Gloss- I always have to keep these lips moisturized so a tube of lip-gloss or Chapstick always helps.  


5. A folder (optional)- Folders can sometimes crowd up your book bag, so if you don’t think you need one then don’t get it. I like to play it safe because you may get a few papers back from your professor and need a place to put them.  


6. Lotion- It is nice to have lotion in your back pack just in case you get ashy and need to moisturize that gorgeous skin.


7. Aspirin- For me, headaches are frequent so a bottle of aspirin or Tylenol can definitely come in handy around campus.


8. Wallet- All your personal belongings are in your wallet so you should definitely have it on you at all times in case you may need to buy something or show proof of identity.


9. Keys- Keys are also important to have on you at all times, so I store them in a nice spot inside my backpack so I do not lose them.


10. Beverage- Last but not least, a bottle of water or something to drink is good to have just in case I get thirsty on campus. It also saves me a good amount of money rather than buying from the vending machine.


That’s it for my backpack essentials and I hope it helped give you a sense of what you may need!