Michelle Obama's new book "Becoming" is taking the top charts

If you’re looking for a great new book to read, Michelle Obama’s book will be perfect for you. Obama came out with her memoir on November 13, 2018. She was the first African American first lady. Obama’s memoir is about her life and the things that she went through growing up. She expressed all her feelings and the challenges she had within her life. Obama talks about her transition into the White House coming from Chicago. She sold more than 1.4 million copies in seven days! Isn’t that crazy? That’s more than many authors sell within the first couple days of their book being out. This book is pretty much sold anywhere. It’s sold at Barnes & Noble, Target, Books-A-Million, Walmart and more. It’s around $20 at any of these stores.

                                                        via: google

Along with the book, Obama is doing a book tour. She is going all around the world and talking about her book. Along with that she’s also doing a book signing! I’ve already purchased this book and I highly recommend you all to buy yours too! Also, this would be a perfect Christmas gift for your parents or friends who love to read. You won’t regret reading this amazing book!

Kai Johnson