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Sometimes I find myself stressing over little things, and then that stress just consumes me. I then have to realize it is not the end of the world and I need to relax. We sometimes need to just stop and take a deep breath and stop worrying so much. Listening to music, drinking tea or even just talking to a friend helps me relax. When I am stressed out, listening to music is one of the first things that I do. It is like I go to my own world and just forget about my stress. Music gets me back into a good mood. Then I may follow that up by drinking tea, because tea just warms my heart. But, tea does help with stress.

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In a study by Dr. Malcolm Cross and Rita Michaels, in the article Does A Cup Of Tea Reduce Stress by Catharine Paddock, Cross and Michaels stated, “that the ritual of making and consuming tea does make an important contribution to the overall effect of mediating stress.” Talking to a friend can also help because you personally know them and it is easy to talk to a good friend. 


Find something that helps you relax because life is too short to be stressing. 


















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