Lifestyle Youtubers You Must Watch 

Youtube has become this generation’s version of TV. Yeah Hulu, and Netflix are great, but sometimes sitting down in bed with a bowl of popcorn, avoiding all of your responsibilities and spiraling down a 5 hour binge of Youtube videos is the way to go. You can watch just about any type of video you want on Youtube, however my personal favorite is lifestyle and beauty. So if you're in need of some fresh new content to subscribe to, here are my top five lifestyle inspo Youtuber’s to watch. 


1. Aspyn Ovard 

I’ve been a subscriber to Aspyn’s videos since 2014. Now with over 3.4 million subscribers she is one of many very well known “Youtube stars”. Watching her from her high school advice videos, all the way to her most current videos of her newborn baby, it’s really fascinating to watch people grow up right before your very eyes on a screen! If you're into family vlogs/ house decor/ fashion and makeup I highly recommend checking out her channel. 

2. Lauren Elizabeth 

Another well-known Youtuber who has been around for quite some time is Lauren Elizabeth. She is the QUEEN of all things organization, getting your life together, realistic beauty routines for a girl on the go, and day in the life vlogs. Whenever I feel like I need to get my sh*t together, whether it’s school or self-related, Lauren’s videos are a great go to! 

3. Olivia Vargus

I’ve just recently started getting into Olivia’s videos, but they're great to put on in the background while getting work done, or if you just need some inspiration. A lot of her content consists of fitness and health tips (for college students), mental health advice, music recommendations, and how to live a more productive and happy lifestyle. 

4. Best Dressed

Ashley…AKA “Best Dressed” …which is rightly earned considering her unique, sustainable and sensible fashion taste! Her videos consist of fashion advice and extremely stylish outfit ideas made from inexpensive, random thrift shop finds which she turns into high end looking pieces. Her awkwardly dry humor and sarcasm makes her videos so much more enjoyable too! She also occasionally makes some “big sister” advice videos on how to deal with college, boys, self-esteem, and all the craziness that your 20’s will throw your way. 

5. Michelle Reed

Michelle’s videos are targeted towards college students, and she gives some GREAT advice! From managing school work, to finances and budgeting, dealing with stress and homesickness and much more, her videos always hit close to home and offer up some realistic tips to make college just a little bit easier on you. 


So whether you're cozied up in bed or looking for something to play in the background while grinding out your school work, I highly recommend watching these Youtuber’s for inspiration on life, boys, school, fitness, mental health, fashion…and just about everything in-between!