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Juul/Vaping Triggering Health Crisis

Speaking from someone who has been around juuling and vaping since the start of the era, these alternatives to smoking cigarettes have gotten a bit out of hand and now are starting to affect the health of people in the worst way. Many people have become addicted to using both and vape, all the way down to middle school children. It has come to the point where schools are making children sign contracts against juuling/vaping even putting vape detectors and Lately, there have been many cases of outbreak illnesses and side effects that have been occurring since these substances have been in use for the past few years.

Honestly it is just not worth the clout at this point, your health is far more important than if someone thinks of you as “cool” or “popular” for following these smoking trends. Vaping and juuls did not know how much of an impact they would make on society before making them available for purchase and although they warn people that nicotine is involved, the belief is that they would help people quit smoking cigarettes. However, they have recently been selling products to underage children and have been getting caught up in the public health crisis, which is another mess to become involved in.

According to CNBC, “Hundreds of new cases of a vaping-related lung disease have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just in the past week”, which they explained that a top agency official had told Congress on Tuesday. The health officials are seeing new cases of this mysterious disease each day, and they have linked it to vaping and juuling based off of the sudden break out. Also, The Philadelphia Inquirer states that at least 805 cases of illness from using e-cigarettes with nicotine or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, have been reported around the country. The doctors across the country worry that the nicotine made by Juul put together in the e-cigarettes are especially dangerous for teens. They believe that they could cross the blood-brain barrier and cause difficulty in learning, memory and attention spans, as well as conditioning the body to become addicted to other substances.

Ditch the juul and vape, and make sure to act on your decision before it’s too late.

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