The Importance of Letting Go

     It won’t be easy but it’s time to move on. This article is meant to be taken as you feel necessary. Everyone goes through hard times but what is important is how the situation is handled. Read this when you need the support or want to feel as if you are talking to someone who understands how you are feeling.

     Holding on to the past doesn’t fix anything, just as wishing for different outcomes will not change what has happened. Learn from the past but focus on the present. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about things that have already happened or may be out of our control that we waste time by not concentrating on what is happening at each present moment. Try not to lose focus of that.

     Find the strength and courage to let go. It’s okay to express your emotions but with that being said remember that what you are feeling is temporary. Be gentle to yourself. Forgiving and forgetting are the two things that are very difficult when it comes to letting go. There is no set deadline, but be truthful with yourself for when it's time to move on. Decide how long is too long when it comes to closing that chapter and starting the next.

     One of my favorite quotes is “Everything happens for a reason,” which creates a sense of peace. Things happen that we may never understand, whether it be losing a loved one, experiencing a difficult time, or anything else. Unfortunately, everyone goes through trying moments but at the end of the day, remember that you are never alone. Look on the other side and know that there can always be a new beginning. Letting go doesn’t mean that you have to stop caring, but that it’s time to work on overcoming. Do what is best for you.