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If You Like Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license”, You’ll Love These Songs

If there’s one thing we all have in common right now, it’s the fact that we’re all blasting Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” as soon as we get in the car. Her recent single has everyone going crazy. Not only is the song emotional with amazing vocals, it also seems to spill some tea on her past relationship with Joshua Bassett and references his current one with Sabrina Carpenter. And whether or not you care about the Disney Channel drama behind the song, it’s something you can find yourself singing your heart out to. Dealing with heartbreak, love, and emotion, it’s a song that can hit you deeply, and what better way to enjoy a song like that than to make a playlist that lets you connect to your emotions?

Here’s some songs to add to your playlist if you love “drivers license”:

Green Light - Lorde

Talk about a song to blast in the car. Lorde is known for emotionally packed songs, perfect for young love and heartbreak. Despite the upbeat sound and lyrics that just make you want to dance, this song was written after Lorde’s first major heartbreak, much like Olivia’s. I can honestly say that if you love “drivers license” you would love every Lorde song, but we’ll just stick with this one for now.

Falling - Harry Styles

While this song seems like it fits into the category of heartbreak, it’s more about becoming someone you don’t want to me. No matter the topic of the song, the emotions are real throughout this ballad. 

Heather - Conan Gray

Rather than heartbreak, this song embraces the idea of unrequited love and the frustration and jealousy that goes along with it. The song stirs up emotions that can make you cry even if you haven’t met your “Heather” yet.

feel something - Bea Miller

Unlike the other songs where emotions are the basis for the lyrics and story, this song shares the way it is when you’ve reached a point in your life where you can’t really feel anything anymore. It’s a song that talks about being void of emotions while creating an emotional connection at the same time.

1950 - King Princess

King Princess is incredibly good at evoking an emotional response with her beautiful vocals and lyrical storytelling, so this song was something listeners of “drivers license” could really enjoy. This song tells the story of unrequited love in relation to queer love, a heartbreak that is very different from others. 

Somebody Else - The 1975

Like Olivia sharing her experience of seeing her first love move one with somebody else, this song ecompasses those same emotions. 

Night Changes - One Direction

I think this song adds a different vibe to the playlist, dealing with nostalgia, dreams, and love instead of heartbreak. However, the lyrics are something you can lose yourself in and sing along with which makes it a great addition.

All Too Well - Taylor Swift

This is hands down one of Taylor’s best songs dealing with heartbreak. Like in “drivers license”, Taylor sings about past memories as well as the way things are different now. The emotions in this song can be felt deeply, especially during the bridge of the song. 

The Scientist - Coldplay

This definitely fits the “broken relationship” category with its mellow, sad lyrics. This song emphasizes the difficulties of love and it’s a song that hits pretty deep, whether you’ve dealt with heartbreak or not.

Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift

This one is more of an honorary mention since I added it after seeing Olivia jam out to it in the car. Forget about heartbreak, this song inspires exactly what it’s about, revenge. 

Even if you haven't experienced your own heartbreak, it’s easy to lose yourself in the emotions of others. These songs all invoke emotions at a deep level, whether they’re positive emotions or negative ones. So next time you put on “drivers license” make sure to queue up some of these songs and jam out, cry, or scream. Just do whatever makes you feel better!

Hannah Miner

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