Hold On To Your Heart! It's Scorpio Season!

Hold on to your hearts ladies! It’s Scorpio season and things are getting wild!


Scorpio is the name of one of the 12 zodiac signs that were adopted and then altered to fit what we understand now to be Zodiac signs. The Babylonians first took notice in 4th century B.C. The zodiac was built within astrology to help recognize weather patterns. Then, the knowledge of the placement of the sun and planets were introduced and seasons were formed. After that, the Greeks studied the night sky and found that every lunar cycle, a different set of stars, also known as constellations would show in the sky. The Greeks assigned each constellation with different animals and figures. These constellations were then named and associated with different circumstances depending on how the sun and planets lined up at the time the constellation was shown in the sky. Each season can affect other zodiac signs depending on their qualities. The Scorpio constellation is called Scorpius and is in the shape of a scorpion. It appears between October 23rd through November 22nd this year. The same time the sun is aligning with the planets, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter.

Scorpio season is always a crazy time of year. Everything is changing from weather to schedules and that is on top of daylight savings time. It’s easy for all zodiac signs to be caught up in the hustle and bustle influenced by Scorpio’s mysterious and forceful vibes. Coming from light and happy Libra season, Scorpio season takes a dark twist of fate. A good analogy to describe this would be Libras representing a happy wedding and honeymoon and Scorpios representing all of life after returning home. Scorpio is a water sign meaning it is motivated by emotions. Scorpios are filled with intensity and passion causing others to find themselves in investigator mode. This urge to look into everything you can comes with the territory of Scorpio Season. We investigate while trying to discover the true meaning of words and actions of others. We start to seek out intimate things like love, emotions, sex, death and taboo subjects, forcing ourselves feel.

Is it a coincidence that cuffing season is upon us at the same time? Not at all! Cuffing season is a piece of zodiac season charged by three planets aligning. It represents us all wanting to be close to someone like being handcuffed. Venus is the planet of love, harmony and affection. Mercury is the planet of communication and thinking. And, Jupiter is the planet of prosperity and good fortune. If you put all of that together, it becomes the outline of a relationship. This is also why Scorpio season is an introverted time even for extroverts. We all want to hide away with our findings and connect with them and experience them. Stop documenting and live in the moment. This could refer to a new relationship or new developments of the mind.

The Scorpio sign is the most sexual sign of the zodiac. Scorpios crave intimacy and will try to intrigue many. Unfortunately, because cuffing season is upon us along with the factors of Scorpio season, all signs will have a hard time saying no to a Scorpio’s love spell.. A Scorpio catching feelings this time of year is guaranteed. This goes for every other sign as well. Not all signs have a strong want for this call for attachment but there is a type of lust in the air we all feel. Embrace Scorpio season and follow its lead by throwing someone a bone.

Scorpio season pushes us to change ourselves as the world changes around us. Death and transformation are associated with it. Within the sense of death comes regeneration. One can start Scorpio season feeling disintegrated and out of sorts but will end Scorpio season tall and strong. A better version of yourself will arise. This is just like a phoenix rising from its own ashes. At the end of the cycle, we all will leave Scorpio season with an aspect of their lives altered for the better. Power emerges and fights its last fight with dark emotion thinning the atmosphere.

Scorpio season is the best time to look within yourself and find what you want. Change what needs changing! Enhance yourself instead of filling a void. Think of this new wave of love, intimacy, passion, and curiosity flooding over you and engorging you with power! Take it and run! Embrace yourself and love yourself as you grow into a new you.


Shine Bright <3