DIY Mason Jars

I recently decorated my new apartment bathroom with mason jars and I am obsessed! These jars are not only for jam, but for a cute decoration that is easy to craft. These mason jars can be sold at any local craft or grocery store and are very inexpensive. Here are some cute ideas you could craft with mason jars to add some southern charm into your life!


Flower Arrangement

Whether it is a simple bathroom/ desk display or a whole table arrangement, these mason jars can add a pop of color and detail to your place.  


Utensil Holder

Saving some counter space while having a cute decoration to hold things like utensils on your counter is the perfect combination. This would be the perfect housewarming gift or even addition to your own place!


Storage Jars

These adorable jars are perfect for storing bathroom necessities while adding a cute decoration to your bathroom! Items that can go in these mini jars include: cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup wipes, etc.

Wax Candle holder

By choosing any fragrance, these mason jar candles are inexpensive and high quality. It is as simple as melting wax, coloring it, and adding the scent to the jar! There are many tutorials online and the steps only take a couple of minutes, and the materials needed are minimal.

Save money this year from buying expensive decorations and start crafting some mason jars to add some southern charm into your life!