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Every teenager’s dream is to go off to college and have the freedom that they’ve been longing for years. Once we finally get there, it seems like it will be YEARS until we can go back home to be with our families when in reality it is only a few weeks. 

For some college students, however, those breaks from school or weekends at home are ones that can be equally if not more stressful than actually being at school. Sometimes being away and learning to live on your own is exactly what that student needs. 

On the rare occasion that you’re in this situation and you do have to go home for whatever reason but the main being holidays, here are a couple of ways to deal with being home with your family.

  1. Know what stresses you out about your family 

In my case, I for some reason get extremely anxious whenever my family mentions body image. I’ve struggled with this in the past and even recently in my life so whenever it is being discussed at a family gathering, I excuse myself to another room. 

  1. Find something to destress yourself 

An object, activity, or even a different space will do. Like I mentioned above, if I ever get uncomfortable or too stressed out, I move myself to a different location in my grandmother’s house. Having something as simple as an anti-anxiety stress ball does so much more than you would expect. 

  1. Make sure you’re sleeping enough

This is especially important. For me, I am so used to sleeping in my apartment at school that when I get home (even if it’s just for a weekend,) sleeping in my own bed can be really hard. It can take a while to get used to again but if you’re home for just a weekend, a quick melatonin pill could do the trick. 

These are just a few of many other tips and tricks to destress yourself while being home with your family. These are also the ones that have helped me the most throughout my time in college. 

If you’re anything like me, you also chose a school that was far enough away where you can be fully independent but if something were to happen back home, you’d be able to make the drive back within the day. 

Being away from family can be hard for some and not so hard for others. Making sure you feel your absolute best whenever you’re around them though is something that should be made a priority.       

Sarah Baran

Illinois State '22

Hi!! My name is Sarah and I'm a senior at Illinois State. I am currently majoring in Journalism with a minor in Criminal Justice! I love HerCampus because it gives me the opportunity to write whatever I want. I've never really had this chance before so it's really amazing to get to experience. If you want to see more about my life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! @sarahs524
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