Celebs With Interesting Side Hustles: Leading Ladies

Some celebrities double as entrepreneurs. These celebs have proven that their celebrity status is not all that pays the bills. From delivering babies to juicin’ juice, these celebrities show that no side hustle is off limits.

1. Erykah Badu - Doula/Midwife

Legendary singer-songwriter Erykah Badu got her certification as a doula in 2011. Badu delivered all of her children at home, making her an expert at this baby delivery business. She talks about maybe opening her own practice in the future.

2. Angela Yee - Juice Bar owner

Radio personality Angela Yee is also the owner of Juices for Life, a juice bar located in Brooklyn, New York. Yee wanted to open a juice bar in Bed Stuy-Brooklyn because of the lack of healthy drink options in the neighborhood.

3. Teyana Taylor - Nail Shop

As previously mentioned in my last article dedicated to Teyana, she is a jack of all trades. Already being a singer, director, actress and dancer, she has added business owner to her list. Named after her daughter, Junie Bee nails is Taylor’s nail salon in Harlem, New York.

4. Ayesha Curry - Cover girl

Ayesha Curry is a food network Chef and the Wife of NBA Player Steph Curry. Ayesha is also an easy breezy beautiful Covergirl. Curry shows that there is no ends to what a determined woman could do!