Bad Mental Health Days are a Thing & We Need to Talk About It

Imagine this: You're trying your best to get ready for the day and go to your classes, but you know you're just not feeling right. No energy. No motivation. Nothing. It's not even like you're just wanting to have a lazy day. The truth is you really — no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise — need a day off from everything. You can only handle so much all at once. Now, you've hit your breaking point. 

You need a break and you deserve it.

Of course, not everyone fully understands this concept — and that's okay! However, it's very frustrating to be called lazy when you physically cannot force yourself to be as productive as you'd wish to be. You know what? Don't ever feel guilty or whatsoever, dude. 

It's time to start understanding and talking about having a bad mental health day because it's R-E-A-L. It's not made up. It's not a lousy excuse. It's not a reason for others to roll their eyes at you and make you feel bad about putting yourself first. No one should feel the need to invalidate someone for choosing not to perform their obligations or regular routine on that day. This could happen to anyone.

So, hear me out:

  1. 1. First and foremost, this is not an excuse to be "lazy".

    If there's anything I hate doing, it's being lazy. I always need to be doing something at all times. TBH, I have no idea what to do with myself when I'm left with nothing to do. I'm aware that I've reached the point where I'm so busy that I tend to feel like I don't have time to breathe anymore — and that's concerning. 

    I've had days where I had to step back and let myself catch up on rest. I'll admit some of these days were in the middle of the week, which would lead me to miss class. I can still remember hearing an old friend's voice, guilting me over text for not showing up to class after I tried to explain to her that I felt so drained.

    The tweet above has resonated with me so much because I didn't realize how many of my peers felt the same way. They've been dealing with the same frustration. So, here I am, telling you that I know exactly how it feels to be put down for wanting to take care of yourself.

Being in college, life gets pretty hectic. Taking care of yourself is very important. You can't keep putting yourself through such stressful circumstances. If you feel like you need a break, it's because you certainly do. Don't ever doubt yourself. Please be good to you because there's only one of you.