Apps for Couples: Keeping Your Relationship Alive One Tap at a Time!

Over winter break, my boyfriend and I were dreading me going back to school and him moving to the city to start his first real job in his first real apartment. Ever since we got together we have been in a somewhat long-distance relationship. But, we have a goal to make sure the honeymoon phase stays with us throughout the relationship. I had no idea what to do because we had crossed a lot of serious bridges until the end of break and I wanted to keep us alive. My roommate once mentioned that she and her boyfriend share an Evernote page to remind each other to do things. That sounded great! But, I wanted to take it a step further. Here are all the apps that I found for couples:

1. “Between, The App Couples Love”, 4.8 Stars

“Between” is an app for couples that is designed for holding all key information about the relationship. Both partners in the relationship can make an account and add each other to a shared page. The app contains an important date countdown for many anniversaries and other important events. A shared calendar is also available for dates and events. There is a private chat room for you and your partner to send messages, gifs, emojis, and photos. It also contains a selfie camera. Pictures, videos, and notes can be stored in different folders. Private calling a facetime is also available.

2. “Happy Couple”, 4.2 Stars

The “Happy Couple” app is all about answering questions to get to know your partner and for your partner to get to know you. Meant for new couples, this app offers 10 questions a day to both of you from six different categories, five questions about you and five questions about your partner. As you answer the questions, you receive points and eventually receive prizes picked and specialized by your partner. As you answer the questions, the questions also get deeper, more intimate, more sexy, and possibly taboo. There is a private chatroom for you two to chat about your questions and answers. This app is recommended by sex therapists and couples’ counselors for starting conversation. Both parties can get the app, make a profile, and connect with each other.

3. “Lovedays – D-Day for Couples”, 4.7 Stars

This app allows couples to track how many days they have been together. Along with that, it measures how many days until and after important anniversaries and events. The app can be customized with photos, colors and different fonts.

4. “Sex Tracker – xTracker”, 4.4 Stars

This is a great app for measuring your sexual health with your partner. Besides tracking what day you have sex, this app tracks the date, time, position, location, toys used, events taking place, protection usage and clothes worn. You can add different partner profiles and how they made you feel during each activity. You can also track your mood when having sex and add special notes. This information will be considered when building an average of each factor to help you understand what you enjoy sexually. This app also works with the health app.

5. “Love Nudge for Couples”, 3.2 Stars

Known as the fitness app for relationships, “Love Nudge” bases itself off the 5 Love Languages. The 5 Love Languages are different ways people express love and affection toward each other in relationships. Get the app to take the quiz and learn you and your partners’ love languages. The app helps you work on goals to please your partner’s emotional needs along with your own. Through the app, you both can find resources to understand each other’s languages and encourage each other with fun messages.

6. “Kindu For Couples”, 4.1 Stars

Within “Kindu”, partners can make individual accounts and find each other to learn new intimate and fun things about each other by answering questions about intimate activities, date ideas, and fun personality traits. After answering the questions, you are notified which ideas you have in common. New questions are offered daily.

7. “Bliss Lite – A Game for Lovers”, No Rating

Bliss Lite is a board game to play in bed! The game emphasizes romance and intimacy rather than straightforward sexual acts. At the beginning of the game, you and your partner will enter how aroused you are and how aroused you want to be by the end of the game as individual characters. Roll the dice to land on a space which will give you an action or task based on what you are wearing, how long you have been playing the game, resources available and how aroused you are. All tasks have to do with you and/or your partner. Fulfill the actions given and enjoy a fun night as the actions escalate with your partner.

8. “69 Positions – Sex Positions”, 3.8 stars

This app offers 69 different sex positions listed in different categories with instructions on how to achieve them using silhouettes.   

9. “Couple”, 3.1 Stars

“Couple” is the original couple app. It is perfect for long distance relationships. This is an intimate private app where two people can make accounts and log into. Within the app, there is a private messaging space for you and your partner to send messages, videos, audio clips, photos and stickers. Messages can also be sent in secret and will disappear over a fixed time. The app includes a shared to-do list, shared reminders and a shared calendar to keep track of your relationship timeline. “Couple” has special features like drawing pictures for each other, suggesting places to go on dates, shared location and a thumb kiss with thumb prints from both phones. The app also allows phone calls. The app can be used on your computer as well.

10. “Rave – Watch Together”, 4.0 Stars

Using Rave, you and your partner can sync your accounts and your phones to watch videos together. Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, and Reddit are all applicable to share on screen. Videos and movies can also be shared through a drop box. A chatroom is also provided on the screen as the videos play so you both can talk about the videos together.

11. “Viber”, 4.4 Stars

Viber is a simple private messaging app that includes calling and facetime. Gifs and stickers are available to use within any group chat that is made. Some messages can fade over time. Both partners must make accounts by entering their phone numbers but the whole app is 100% private.

    After looking at all these apps and many more I was able to figure out how my guy and I would stay connected. Try them all and see what works for you! They are all helpful in different ways and are free! Make your relationship stronger within any stage of your relationship and any location! Any resource to make your relationship stronger is worth a try. Make your honeymoon phase last forever!

Shine Bright <3