All Things College Homecoming

One of the best seasons in college is finally here: homecoming! Many schools have a full week dedicated to different activities and events to show their school’s pride, including some non-football related events. I am so excited to be apart of ISU's homecoming for the first time as a student and I've heard from others that it is a memorable experience. Whether being an alumni or first time student, it's all about having a great time socializing and meeting new people. Everyone also loves to show their school pride at homecoming while looking stylish! These outfits differ from the basic flannel wrapped around the hip or jean skirt and definitely show redbird pride. Here are some enjoyable things to do during ISU’s homecoming week/weekend and outfit ideas paired accordingly:


UPB Movie @ Hancock Stadium

Who doesn't love watching the musical "Mama Mia 2" or hilarious movie "Tag"? Plus, you'll get a free redbird blanket!

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Parade on College Ave & University Street

The parade is the perfect kickoff to the weekend and how fun is it to watch different organizations from school showing their pride! This outfit is one of many that shows ISU's colors fashionably.

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Tailgating with family & friends

All of the hype is mainly for tailgating, since the lots open at 7am and everyone can't wait to spend their day eating with family in town or new friends at school. And as always, redbirds have more fun!

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Football Game- ISU vs. SIU

The main event of the weekend is the football game for sure! Games are always more fun to go to with a supportive crowd like this one, and wearing your favorite ISU top.

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