9 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

Trying to stay healthy in college is a task that all of us college students would like to make a priority, however, with our hectic schedules and unruly bedtimes we are, more often than not, burdened to make unhealthy decisions. The life of a college student is a busy one but there are ways to make sure that you can make healthy decisions in the kitchen AND are able to stick to a workout routine. Read my advice below to help create a healthier you!


Do meal preps.

Dedicate a couple days of the week to cook a meal in bulk; that way you do not have to rely on fast food meals when you do not have enough time to make food. Utilize your slower days to cook something healthy and eat it throughout the week in order to stay on track.


Plan your workouts into your schedule...and stick with it.

I know us college students have things that pop-up unexpectedly but be sure to have a back-up time to get your workout in when you cannot do it at your scheduled time.


Limit your alcohol intake.

Yes, you can still go out and have a good time but be conscious that your favorite drinks can add up in the ‘empty’ calorie department.


Set a strict bedtime.

I know this is a hard aspect to abide by but if you plan ahead to get assignments done early, you will be able to meet this set time consistently and will thank yourself in the long run. Sleep is crucial for a college student to stay on top of everything...and who doesn't like to feel good when they wake up?

Get your friends on board.

Get your friends to join you in your healthy endeavor so you can all help each other stay on track. Perhaps plan your workouts together and do a healthy-meal night once a week!


Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Avoid soda at all costs. It is so detrimental to your progress. Make sure to bring your water bottle with you to class so you can keep filling it up throughout the day. Try adding fruit to your water bottle for a little flair and utilize a different mixer for your weekend shenanigans.


Switch up your workout routine so you do not get bored.

Ditch the elliptical, find a hiking trail, and grab your gal-pals for a Saturday workout outside of the gym!


Eliminate freezer meals.

Make buying fresh foods a priority. College students tend to gravitate toward freezer meals in order to save time. By implementing meal prepping, you can utilize fresh ingredients into your meals.


Have a ‘splurge’ meal every once in a while.

Treat yourself to ensure that you don’t crack from not having your favorite foods. Use it as a reward for having two successful weeks of eating healthy and working out BUT make it a mission to remain on track for the next two weeks.