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7 Tips to be a Morning Person 7 Days a Week

Morning Motivation for even the Biggest Night Owls 


The struggle is real for all of us to get up in the morning, even for morning people. However, by getting up earlier, our days can become more productive and put us on the right track for every day after. Here are some tips and tricks for making even the most notorious night owls into morning people:

1. Try to go to bed a little bit earlier every day.

This is for the really notorious night owls who stay up until three in the morning doing absolutely nothing except looking at their phones. Try every day to go to bed a little earlier to get more and more sleep. The recommended amount of sleep to be able to get through your day like a normal human being is about 7-8 hours. So, let’s say for example you have to get up by eight in the morning, you should try to be asleep by at least one in the morning to get at least a full seven hours. If you still have to stay up later than that for any reason, as soon as you can go to sleep, GO TO SLEEP! I am notorious for getting into bed but not actually falling asleep until I spend at least another hour on my phone. Which leads me to my next tip:

2. Get away from the technology.

I have even seen tips saying make where you sleep a technology free zone. This means no television, computer, tablet, or phone, and most importantly have a non-digital alarm clock. However, this can be a bit drastic. I would say that as soon as you start getting ready for bed, turn everything off and place it away so you are not tempted to look at anything. Then, finish up doing whatever you were doing on your phone (checking twitter, setting your alarm, etc.) and put the phone down for the night. By doing this, you will be less likely to spend hours on your technology instead of sleeping. It is even recommended to get away from technology an hour before you go to sleep to reduce eye strain from technology’s blue light that can cause you to be unable to fall asleep.

If you like to listen to noise as you fall asleep but don’t want the television on all night keeping you up, use this trick:

This is specifically for iPhone users (unless Androids are able to do this as well). Set a timer for however long you want your music to play for. Set the timer so when it goes off instead of an alarm, it turns off your music. So now you can listen to music in peace without worrying about turning it off.

3. Lay out everything to help yourself in the morning.

Let’s be honest, there is this phenomenon that no matter how much sleep you get you will somehow still be tired in the morning, so make your morning easier for yourself. This can mean doing anything from packing up your bag, putting out an outfit so you don’t have to try on a million different outfits in the morning, or even showering the night before to save yourself more sleeping time in the morning. However, morning showers can have their benefits as well.

4. Take morning shower and exercise.

Showers have been known to help wake people up. Leave yourself time in the morning to maybe even exercise to make your shower even more worth it. Exercising and showering in combination can help wake you up by getting your body moving and blood flowing.

5. Create a jamming morning playlist.

Help yourself wake up with your favorite tunes and definitely include ones you like to sing along to get your brain working. Also, to help keep track of time, make the playlist as long as the amount of time you have to get ready, so when the playlist ends you know you have to leave.

6. Stay away from coffee and go for water instead.

Drink a big cold glass of water right after you wake up. Water wakes up your body more than coffee, but don’t worry you can still have coffee. However, it is recommended to have coffee at least a couple hours after you wake up. 

Another trick: Don’t think of coffee as a solution for not getting enough sleep. Imagine if you didn’t have coffee, how much sleep would need to function as a normal human being?

7. Have a good breakfast.

Like they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a good, hearty breakfast that includes plenty of protein and fuel for your body. This could mean foods like fruit, eggs, yogurt or milk, or even oatmeal to give yourself energy for the day. By having a good breakfast, you set the tone for the rest of the day. By being full in the morning with good nutrition, you will be less likely to eat too much unhealthy food for lunch, dinner, or even throughout the day.

I am “hooting” for all you night owls out there. You can become more of a morning person 7 days a week with these 7 tips or at least be able to get through your day a little bit better.


Much love and peace


Emily Meixell

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